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From payment card security to P.Y.T., here’s a list of the top six trending topics at this year’s #NextGenUGM.

  1. #HotelInstaMed
    When you check in to a hotel, you know that you will need to leave a payment method. When you check out, you know you will be charged. Why can’t patient payments be this simple? Well, at booth 617 at NextGen UGM, the InstaMed Team showed NextGen users how easy patient payments can be, especially with Auto Payment Collect.
  2. #SecurityCornerWithNoahDermer
    InstaMed Security Officer Noah Dermer loves talking to healthcare organizations about secure patient payments, so he was thrilled to present about payment card security at NextGen UGM. Noah talked about the important distinction between security and compliance, why you should never process payment cards without point-to-point encryption, and what healthcare organizations need to know about EMV.
  3. #EMVQuiz
    Did you know? 33 percent of NextGen UGM attendees who took our EMV quiz got a perfect score! It’s been just over a year since the EMV liability shift went into effect and EMV has made a lot of traction in the U.S., with 90 percent of Americans actively using chip cards. However healthcare organizations still have room to grow when it comes to understanding EMV. Didn’t take the quiz and want to see what you know? Test your knowledge here.
  4. #KingOfPop
    The fun never stops in Las Vegas! In between talking about payments and payment security in healthcare, there was still plenty of time to party. NextGen UGM attendees had an amazing time hearing the King of Pop’s greatest hits at Michael Jackson ONE, followed by a party at LIGHT nightclub at the Mandalay Bay Resort, where a lot of guests showed off some pretty impressive moonwalks.
  5. #WhatsNewInUD3
    Everyone at NextGen UGM was excited to talk about the release of NextGen Practice Management 5.8 UD3, including InstaMed. We’re most excited about NextGen’s new support for EMV devices. But did you know that InstaMed has supported EMV long before UD3? Learn more about NextGen Practice Management 5.8 UD3 and why you should upgrade with InstaMed, here.
  6. #IntegrateAndSave
    Many of the conversations our team encountered at the InstaMed booth had to do with looking ahead to 2017. Providers are thinking about deductible resets and looking for ways to save costs in the new year. Consumerism also matters to providers who don’t want their cost savings efforts to negatively impact the patient experience. The best way to achieve cost savings and improve the patient experience is to streamline the payments process, which NextGen users can do with InstaMed. With patient payments integrated directly into NextGen, users can save time with automated posting and real-time reporting, and save money with solutions like a Patient Portal and eStatements. Learn more here.
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