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epicExpanded Payment Methods — Leverage Deep eCheck Processing Experience
The Epic 2016 release will include an update to Epic’s integrated credit card framework to include scanned and keyed electronic check processing. However, InstaMed has supported integrated eCheck processing within MyChart and Resolute for years. InstaMed is the only payment processor to support these today with real-time posting into Epic.

The Smallest PCI Footprint In MyChart — It’s Still InstaMed’s Embedded iFrame
When it comes to integration for patient payments in MyChart, there are still two secure options: embedded iFrame and transparent redirect. The main difference between these two options is in the comparison of PCI scope. Transparent redirect requires the 334 item SAQ D, where InstaMed’s embedded iFrame requires the 15 item SAQ A.

The Hospitals of the Future are Prioritizing the Patient Payment Experience
As Epic continues to enhance their software, are you enhancing your payments process, too? Make sure you are maximizing the power of your Epic software to offer the best payments experience for your patients. With the right payment solution, you can leverage advanced payment technologies, like Apple Pay and EMV, to deliver the kind of payment experience your patients expect. Offer cutting-edge payment options in addition to payment methods and channels like credit and debit cards, bank bill pay, IVR and cash to deliver an omnichannel payments experience to your patients.

User Experience Matters for All Users — Patients and Staff
User experience matters for every patient encounter. It also matters to your staff who interact with Epic on a daily basis. Make the user-experience positive for all stakeholders from end-to-end with seamless integration across all Epic modules, including Welcome and MyChart. Your patients and staff will all benefit from consistent posting, reconciling and reporting across active and legacy systems and for healthcare and non-healthcare payments.

No Organization Can Hide From Security and Compliance
Through software updates and process improvements, payment security should always remain a top priority for any healthcare organization. There are three things you should consider about payment security in healthcare: compliance, secure technology and ownership. When it comes to compliance, work with a vendor who has achieved compliance with the security programs that you need and trust including those required by law. InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider, as well as EMV and HITRUST certified. You can find a full list of InstaMed’s security and compliance programs here. However, keep in mind that compliant does not always equal secure. When it comes to secure technology, work with a vendor who offers the most advanced payment technology available, especially when it comes to encryption. InstaMed is the first and only in healthcare to be PCI-Validated for P2PE v2.0. Finally, consider ownership. InstaMed is the only vendor supporting Epic with a combined gateway/processor solution – which means InstaMed has full accountability for the end-to-end payments process.

Learn more about InstaMed patient payment integration with Epic.

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