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HIMSS18 is officially in the history books as the largest health IT events of the year. Set in Sin City, this year’s HIMSS conference proved to be a fast-paced, action-packed week where the greatest minds in healthcare converged to discuss the latest innovations, state of the industry and future trends.

To help attendees take a break from it all, InstaMed held an event at  TAO Las Vegas for a night of delicious bites, tempting libations and upbeat music. As well as a fun night out, the event was the perfect opportunity for attendees to network with industry experts and thought leaders.

Did you miss all the #HIMSSanity? Not to worry, we have highlighted the trending topics that dominated all the talk and social media at HIMSS18:

It’s all about the consumer experience.

Recent announcements from tech giants making forays into the healthcare industry were all the buzz at HIMSS18. (See articles about Uber and Lyft, Apple, and Amazon.) Just before HIMSS18 kicked off, we learned that Apple will open healthcare clinics for its employees called AC Wellness. Not long after, Uber and Lyft both announced partnerships with providers to get consumers to appointments. As these headlines swirled around the conference, many attendees were wondering what it all means for healthcare?

The common answer was how these tech advancements would change the consumer experience – for the better. In fact, improving the consumer experience was a frequently recurring theme at the conference. The path to accomplishing this was best articulated in the HIMSS presentation, Create a Frictionless Healthcare Payments Experience, given by Dave Krause, Staff Vice President at Anthem. In the presentation, Dave outlined the current pain points for consumers, impacts of the current experience to both providers and payers, how to fix healthcare payments and ultimately how Anthem is doing it. Delivering a better consumer experience is crucial to the future of healthcare.

Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

How can healthcare work better for everyone? This seemed to be the question asked most at HIMSS18 with many saying interoperability is the solution. Interoperability is supposed to be the magic fix that allows all of these systems to work together in harmony. However, interoperability in healthcare has been anything but a magic fix.

For interoperability to finally live up to the hype, healthcare organizations must implement trusted solutions with flexible and rich APIs that allow for simple and seamless integration. The result is a streamlined flow of information across all systems. Integrating heterogeneous systems in the healthcare payments process represents enormous potential that remains largely untapped in the industry. Seamless integration can help make healthcare better for everyone.

Security and compliance.

At HIMSS18, there was endless talk of all things related to security, compliance and the risks of not prioritizing each – and that was just in the exhibition hall. In fact, more than 100 sessions were devoted to these themes in some way. From the sheer volume of this content, it is clear that security and compliance are major concerns of the industry.

The volume of this content at HIMSS18 was certainly justified as healthcare data is a constant target for hackers and thieves. Consequences of unsecured data and noncompliant processes and systems will continue to cost the industry billions of dollars. Organizations can ensure that their data is secure and reduce the risk of a breach by meeting industry standards and obtaining audits and certifications from respected industry groups. The industry must prioritize security and compliance today.

International Women’s Day + HIMSS18 = Great Synergies.

International Women’s Day is on March 8, which happened to fall right in the middle of HIMSS18 this year. Many at the conference chose to wear purple to show their support for this important day. Support and empowerment of women in health IT was an important theme throughout the conference and the focus of many events during the week, not just on March 8. HIMSS hosted a Women in Health IT Roundtable where topics such as improving women’s status, mentoring and pay parity were discussed. There was a Women in Health IT Networking Reception that brought women together for a night out of networking and idea exchange. In addition, groups like #healthITchicks held networking meetups at the conference. The convergence of International Women’s Day and HIMSS18 showcased just how hard the industry is working to support and empower women in health IT.

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