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10 days Last month, InstaMed welcomed LeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion, to lead the women of InstaMed in a personal growth and leadership workshop. The event was hosted by InstaMed GROW, InstaMed’s women-led initiative to enable positive workplace relationships.

During the workshop, all participants evaluated their top five strengths using Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment from StrengthsFinder 2.0. Mallorie then led the group in a job crafting exercise to align these strengths to each individual’s core values and tasks within their role.

GROW Lunch and Learn 1 - 071916

Here’s what some participants had to say about the event:

“I’m going to take a different attitude for tasks that I normally do not relish and see them as an opportunity to hone my strengths.”

“Using my job crafting map, showed that I have the skill/strength to provide additional insight and help in areas that are a key focus for the company for 2016.”

“I see that my ability to be an adviser is useful not only for escalations, but for sales and relationship building as well. Being a leader inspires confidence.”

The success of the event is evidence of GROW’s influence and relevance, and the group looks forward to offering more professional development opportunities in the near future.

About InstaMed GROW
InstaMed GROW is a group for enabling positive workplace relationships. We bring together female employees of InstaMed in support of their professional development providing thought leadership, mentoring and community outreach. We exist to create experiences where growth and purpose come together.

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