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By Deirdre Ruttle, Vice President of Marketing at InstaMed

“Work hard, play hard” is a good mantra for the InstaMed team. As we continue to innovate in the healthcare payments space, our team members still find time to keep busy in their personal lives. From exploring the world to exhibiting original art in New York City, the InstaMed team is an accomplished and eclectic group. Here are our 2016 highlights:

We Traveled the World

Altogether, the InstaMed team traveled to 23 countries in 2016! We ate sushi in Japan, drank Guinness in Ireland, saw the Great Pyramids of Egypt and chilled out on some pretty awesome beaches.

We Put a Ring On It

In 2016, ten InstaMed team members popped the question or said “yes,” and five said “I do.”

We Grew Our Families

In 2016, our families welcomed 11 new babies into the world! Welcome, InstaBabies!

We Carb-o-Loaded

Weekly bagels are a tradition in both our Philadelphia, PA and Newport Beach, CA offices. This year, we’ve consumed over 7,752 bagels, 7,200 ounces of cream cheese and 200 tubs of butter.

But don’t worry…

We Worked it Off

Between marathons, 5Ks, daily workouts, participating in the March of Dimes and one particularly enthusiastic runner in our Marketing department, we’ve run more than enough miles in 2016 to get us all the way from our Philadelphia, PA office to our Newport Beach, CA office.

Not everyone at InstaMed is a runner, though. Plenty of InstaMed team members flex their athletic abilities in other ways, like playing recreational hockey, kickball and basketball, serving it up in the sun at summer volleyball tournaments, traveling over 33,000 miles indoor cycling, sailing the Abacos Islands or riding their bike to work every day.

Some of us prefer to stick to the sidelines; especially if the sidelines are in Paris. One InstaMed team member traveled to France to watch his son play for the U-16 U.S. Youth National Soccer team in a tournament against England, Russia and France. Zut alors!

We Didn’t Quit Our Day Jobs

Healthcare technology experts by day, renaissance men and women by night. Check out some of the creative things our employees did in 2016.

  • Headlined an original comedy show at a top Philadelphia comedy venue
  • Starred in Peter Pan
  • Had their artwork exhibited at the 9th Annual Governors Island Art Fair in New York, NY
  • Wrote and recorded 37 songs
  • Performed with the dance team at a Philadelphia Phillies Game
  • Sold over 1,000 fine art landscape photos
  • Played guitar at the Orange County Fair in California
  • Created 19 short cartoons
  • Designed and painted an InstaMed mural for our Philadelphia, PA office


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