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By: Deirdre Ruttle, VP of Strategy

This year to help celebrate the holiday season, we kicked off the InstaMed 10 Days of Giving (aka #InstaMed10DaysofGiving) right after we all returned from the long Thanksgiving weekend. From November 27th to December 8th, InstaMed ran a toy drive for the patients of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). As a company, children’s hospitals and the amazing work they do are the focus of our charitable giving. Plus, 9 out of the top 10 children’s hospitals are on the InstaMed Network.

Thanks to the collective generosity across the organization – we exceeded our goal of 750 toys and delivered 937 toys to CHOP! We filled an entire trolley with toys, and the trolley company put their best employee, Santa, on the job. The staff at CHOP was so grateful, and the patients who were in the lobby area were full of smiles as they saw so many carts of toys and Santa.

InstaMed has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years thanks in no small part to the amazing customers on the InstaMed Network. We held this toy drive to help us convey the gratitude and commitment to the over two-thirds of the healthcare community that we connect with every day. Each toy donated to CHOP was done on behalf of all our customers. Thank you for being part of the InstaMed Network!

Below are some highlights of the #InstaMed10DaysofGiving!

All 937 toys were gathered in a conference room at our Philadelphia, PA headquarters before they were delivered to the patients of CHOP.

Day #5:

Day #10:

Members of the InstaMed women’s affinity group, GROW, delivered the toys with Santa to CHOP in a trolley, including yours truly.

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