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We listened. We learned. We collaborated. We even had a little fun. In no particular order, here are our top 10 favorite moments from the InstaMed User Conference 2017.

We Slipped Into the Shoes of Consumer-Experience Trailblazing CEOs
New York Times #1 best-selling author and consumer experience expert Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. kicked off our conference with an energetic and insightful keynote address that inspired us all to reach for the stars when it comes to delivering exceptional consumer payment experiences in healthcare. Using leading brands like Starbucks and Zappos as a benchmark, Dr. Michelli showed us how to improve the way we leverage technology, people and process to exceed consumer expectations and ultimately improve the quality of care we deliver. At the end of his presentation, he asked the crowd to consider their long-term goals related to their commitment to improving the human experience, leaving all of our conference attendees to wonder, “What will be my legacy?”


We Dove Into the Data and Got a Sneak Peek at the 7th Annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Report
After an aspirational hour with Dr. Michelli about the consumer experience, InstaMed CTO and co-founder Chris Seib pulled up some insightful data that proved why healthcare needs to deliver on consumer demands. Based on survey results and data from the InstaMed platform, we know that consumers want an omnichannel payment experience that allows them to manage and pay their healthcare bills from anywhere, any time, on any device and with their preferred payment method.


We Learned the Power of a Payment-Friendly Member Portal
How do you speak healthcare to the consumers you serve? Kathy Bishop-Heroux of UnitedHealthcare explained how one of the country’s largest healthcare payers grew their online member portal to deliver a better consumer experience for their members. For Kathy, there are three key components of a great member experience: make sure they understand their coverage and benefits, deliver a user-friendly portal with convenient features like finding in-network providers, managing prescriptions and viewing claims, and make it easy for them to make payments – including the ability to pay claims directly from your member portal.


Two Payers Called Out Their Peers on Stagnant ERA/EFT Adoption
Dave Johnson from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and Bob Hough from Geisinger Health Plan hosted a payer round table where they asked their peers to talk about stagnant ERA/EFT adoption. Considering it’s been three years since the federal government mandate requiring all payers to support ERA/EFT went into effect and adoption is up only 1% since last year, there was a lot of explaining to do. Dave and Bob, whose organizations both deliver the majority of their payer-provider payments electronically, stressed the benefits of ERA/EFT and talked about the importance of provider outreach in driving adoption.


We Got a First-Look at the Early Results of Consolidated Patient Billing
If you think a presentation about patient billing given by a certified public accountant sounds like a guaranteed snooze-fest, you’d be mistaken. Andrew Kouba explained how his journey from CPA to CFO of a diagnostic clinic in Abilene, TX (as a result of some blunt advice from Mark Cuban) ultimately led him to discover InstaMed and begin revolutionizing the patient billing experience for patients in his community. Andrew explained how Abilene Diagnostic Clinic has started using InstaMed One Bill to consolidate the billing experience for patients who are treated by multiple providers, across specializations, within ADC. As a result, ADC is printing and mailing less paper, collecting on past-due balances without any additional outreach efforts and improving the overall patient billing experience.


We Watched a Pair of Revenue Cycle Professionals Turn Late-Night Talk Show Hosts
The best way to deal with the challenge of increasing patient payment responsibility is to tackle it head-on. That’s what Nancy Brooks and Vicki Durso of Radiology Regional Center did. After sharing a David Letterman-style list of their top 10 favorite patient excuses for not paying, Nancy and Vicki walked the crowd through their journey from bad debt and days in A/R to collecting 94% of their responsibility upfront. By investing in better technology and implementing an organization-wide culture change, Radiology Regional Center has significantly reduced their bad debt, days in A/R and costs spent on print and mail and follow-up to collect. The only downside is they’re no longer entertained by the outrageous and creative excuses from their patients for why they can’t pay their healthcare bills.


We Traveled to the Future (Without a DeLorean)
At this year’s conference, our attendees travelled to a patient’s living room, a hospital with a work station on wheels and a busy waiting room from the future, all without ever leaving the Warwick Hotel. The InstaMed Innovation Lab gave InstaMed User Conference 2017 attendees the opportunity to talk with our product experts about the amazing functionalities and solutions InstaMed users can leverage today, as well as a peek into some new enhancements coming to InstaMed in the near future.


We Ate Philly-Themed EVERYTHING
A simple goal of the InstaMed User Conference 2017 was to make all of our attendees feel welcomed in our home city of Philadelphia – that meant inserting a little taste of Philadelphia pretty much everywhere we could. Attendees were treated to local goodies like TastyKakes, Good & Plentys, soft pretzels and cheesesteaks. Throughout the day, we filled the main ballroom with the sound of popular Philadelphia tunes, including the famous “Rocky” theme. Once the all-day conference concluded, attendees got an awesome view of historic Old City Philadelphia – including Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed – from the top floor of the Down Town Club.


Speaking of the Down Town Club…
InstaMed users know how to have a good time. After a full-day of discussions and taking notes during educational sessions, our InstaMed User Conference 2017 attendees were transported to the Down Town Club for the Annual InstaMed Network Bash. It wasn’t long before payers and providers alike were kicking off their heels, loosening their top buttons and getting their groove on to the sound of the Soul Cruisers. In between dancing and posing for photos with healthcare payments-themed props, our attendees flocked to the bar for a signature Healthcare PayMINT Mojito, and to the numerous food stations serving up savory dishes to satisfy every palate. It was the perfect way to network with fellow attendees, celebrate the conclusion of our 2017 conference and toast to a successful year ahead.


InstaMed CEO Bill Marvin Explains the Importance of the Consumer Experience

“I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to get together and share information. We want to make the experience better. That’s what we’re here to accomplish.”

Part of the reason consumerism is such a heavily-discussed topic in the healthcare payments industry is that it’s a bigger challenge for healthcare than it is for other industries. Companies like Uber and Amazon have set the bar for what an excellent consumer experience can be, but they also don’t face the complications of connecting a three-party payment system, or complying with as many state and federal regulations as healthcare does. All healthcare payments stakeholders need to work together to address these challenges. That’s why, as InstaMed President and CEO Bill Marvin expressed as he welcomed attendees to the InstaMed User Conference 2017, we leverage the power of the InstaMed Network to bring together payers, providers, partners, thought-leaders and healthcare payments innovators together in one place to talk about healthcare payments.




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