Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic (GTOC) has seven ophthalmologists, four optometrists and three locations in Michigan.
"With InstaMed, we spend less time processing payments in the front office, because payments post automatically into NextGen, we have no paper slips to add up and store. Balancing to a report and doing research online is faster and easier as well."
Julie Alton, Administrative Assistant GTOC

GTOC was using a NextGen vendor for payments that was not meeting the needs of their busy practice. Their credit card terminals
were slow and the staff was frustrated with how long it took to process payments in the front office when the patient was present. They were also relying on manual payment posting, which created extra steps for a lengthy reconciliation process. Their vendor was unable to deliver a viable solution.


InstaMed integrated seamlessly with NextGen Healthcare to enable GTOC to streamline their patient and payment information in the same system. They were able to offer patients mobile and online guest payments in addition to NextGen Patient Portal payments. With that, patients could pay their balances online after receiving their statements.

Increase in the number of payments through the patient portal
Less frustration and administrative time spent processing payments
Faster and easier reconciliation of payments

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