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Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic (GTOC) has seven ophthalmologists, four optometrists and three locations in Michigan. As users of NextGen® Practice Management, GTOC recently implemented InstaMed for integrated payments through multiple channels, including point of service, online, mobile and through their patient portal to increase collections. They also implemented automated posting and bank account reconciliation to cut administrative costs and save staff time.


GTOC was using a payment processor that was not meeting the needs of their busy practice. Their credit card terminals were slow and the staff was frustrated with the time it took to collect, process, post and reconcile patient payments. GTOC was primarily relying on manual payment posting and bank account reconciliation processes and they lacked adequate reporting. Their vendor did not focus exclusively on healthcare and could not help them scale as patient payments continued to increase in healthcare.


InstaMed integrated seamlessly with NextGen® Practice Management, enabling GTOC to offer a consumer-friendly solution and open up more payment channels to their patients. They were able to offer their patients online and mobile payments in addition to integrated NextGen® Patient Portal payments. This enabled their patients to pay their balances with more flexibility, including via mobile devices.

Results with InstaMed:

  • 7x increase in online and mobile payments
  • Less time spent processing, posting and reconciling payments
  • Enhanced patient relations with consumer-friendly payment options

Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic’s Story:


Inefficent Payment Processing Causing Staff Frustration

Like many healthcare providers, GTOC continued to see increasing patient responsibility. As more patients paid with credit cards, GTOC’s standalone, dial-up terminals did not facilitate efficient payment processes. Keying in credit card payments over the phone was time-consuming with the device keypads and patient refunds were difficult to process. Finally, manual payment posting processes were not scaling with the increase in patient payments and the payment posting error rate was increasing.

GTOC needed an automated solution that allowed them to accept any type of payment, including mobile, with minimal staff intervention and enhanced data security and compliance.


GTOC chose InstaMed to help them implement a more efficient and scalable payments solution, increasing patient utilization of online and mobile payments.

InstaMed Delivered Three Main Benefits for GTOC:

Managing Payments All in One Place Saves Time and Administrative Costs

InstaMed delivered GTOC a wide range of payment collection tools, including front and back office payments integrated with NextGen® Practice Management, automated payment plans, real-time reporting and encrypted card on file to assure patient payments. The GTOC administrative staff now spends less time on manual payment processes, reducing errors, time, and days in accounts receivable.

Patients Appreciate the Convenience of Multiple, Online Payment Options

GTOC now offers patients the option to pay their bills by credit card and eCheck through multiple payment channels, including online and from a mobile device. Patients can now view eStatements, set up recurring payments and save their payment profiles and information in a digital wallet for future use. Patients can receive statements that include a URL to GTOC’s patient portal, where they can pay their balances more conveniently, at any time of the day or night. Additionally, patients can create an account through the patient portal to receive paperless eStatements, store payment information and view payment history.

Proven, Seamless Integration with NextGen® Solutions Makes the Technology Transition Painless

InstaMed has worked with thousands of NextGen users over the past five years to build technology that seamlessly integrates with NextGen® Practice Management. GTOC was able to implement InstaMed with minimal disruption to their day-to-day processing and now offers patients multiple ways to pay, including mobile and online payments.

Results with InstaMed:

By automating payments with InstaMed, GTOC spends less time processing payments and yields faster, simpler and more accurate results in payment posting and bank account reconciliation. Because of InstaMed’s seamless integration with NextGen® solutions and online and mobile payment options, GTOC has seen a 7x increase in payments online within a few months.

“We have seen a significant increase in patient portal payments since switching to InstaMed. Because payments post automatically into NextGen, we have no paper slips to add up and store. Now we spend less time processing payments in the front office. Balancing to a report and looking up payment information is faster and easier as well.”

– Julie Alton, GTOC

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