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Retail and restaurants aren’t the only aggressive adopters of mobile payments technology today. Across the healthcare landscape, from dental practices to emergency rooms, mobile payment options are turning up with a surprising degree of speed.

But in recent months, the number of hospitals turning to mobile payments is particularly notable.

Just last month, InstaMed, a prominent healthcare payments network, launched InstaMed Go, a payment app designed specifically for healthcare, allowing healthcare providers to increase patient payments by “securely collecting at every patient interaction point.”

And hospitals are flocking to the platform, including Aspen Valley Hospital in Colorado.

“The ability to use InstaMed Go with our mobile devices has helped us to significantly increase front office collections by accepting payments at all patient interaction points,” explains Debby Essex, Director of Admissions at Aspen Valley Hospital. “Instead of asking a patient to go to another desk to pay, our staff can collect payments using iPads during bedside discharge.”

“Since patients have more places and opportunities to pay,” Essex adds, “we are collecting more payments during patient visits and ensuring the patient responsibility is paid. The ability to access payment information and reporting tools from my iPad is also wonderful because I’m constantly traveling between our various locations. Regardless of where I am, I can check our balance for the day or access real-time reports.”

Click here to read the article originally published by mHealthWatch.

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