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Seamlessly Collect Patient Payments in NextStep Solutions

Make it easy and convenient for your patients to pay and your staff to collect by integrating InstaMed with your NextStep Solutions behavioral health EHR.

By directly connecting billing and payments with NextStep you’ll deliver a better patient financial experience that eliminates manual processes and enables you to collect funds quickly.

  • Enable seamless and secure payments across NextStep
  • Open more payment channels including online and mobile options
  • Deliver a great digital payment experience for patients
  • Significantly reduce your PCI scope
  • Improve staff efficiency and reduce costs to collect
  • Next Step Solutions

    InstaMed integration with NextStep supports:

    Automated payment posting directly into NextStep

    Access to InstaMed Online for Providers

    A robust reporting platform for enterprise-wide and omnichannel analytics

    Secure payment posting with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization

    InstaMed is a combined gateway, processor and sponsor bank integrated with NextStep. Partner with one vendor for collecting, reporting and reconciling all payments from patients.

    Simplify Healthcare Payments for Patients and Staff

    Automate Payments and Reduce Print and Mail Costs

    Collect payments as soon as a claim is adjudicated with the InstaMed Auto Payment Collect™ solution. Securely save payment information on file to automatically collect balances without the need to print and mail a statement.

    Deliver Patient-Friendly Billing Statements

    Reduce friction in the billing process by delivering easy-to-understand statements and drive online payments. The InstaMed Patient Billing solution supports both NextStep-generated and InstaMed consumer-tested statements.

    Simplify Staff Workflows to Support Your Hybrid Workforce

    Eliminate slow and manual processes. All transactions post into NextStep. View all payment data in one place with robust reporting tools and insights.

    The Asthma Center Collects 10x Faster with InstaMed

    “We were printing about a thousand statements a week, which took four reps a full eight-hour day. That was not how we wanted our billing team to spend their time. We’ve found the efficiency we were looking for with InstaMed. Before InstaMed, our online activity was next to nothing. Presently, within a day of posting balances, we start seeing payments come in”

    Shai Gardellis,
    Director of Billing Operations, The Asthma Center, 2022

    Reduce PCI Scope and Save on Compliance Costs

    InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider. Protect payments at every touchpoint.

  • Ensure protection of card present data with P2PE
  • Accept EMV and contactless EMV payments
  • Safeguard stored payments with tokenization
  • Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs
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