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5 Tips for Payment Assurance

With increasing out-of-pocket costs, providers must rely on their patients – not payers – for a significant portion of their revenue. However, this can be a challenge. How can healthcare providers improve the payments experience to ensure they get paid?

Watch our video for five tips to help you guarantee payments from your patients – without hurting the consumer experience or disrupting workflow.

Download the Guide: How to Guarantee Patient Payments

Learn how to collect more patient payments with our best practices guide. Get tips for how to talk to patients about their payment responsibility, secure a payment method on file and handle questions and objections.

The guide includes:

  • Best practices for how to ask patients to save a payment method on file
  • Tools to help you train staff to talk to patients about their responsibility
  • Patient FAQ and objection handling
  • Templates to help you promote your new billing policy to your patients

Case Study: Sierra Pacific Orthopedics Automates Over 80% of Collections

Sierra Pacific Orthopedics faced significant increases in patient responsibility and needed a way to increase collections without significant staff work and with support for integration with their practice management system. Read the case study to see how they implemented technology and new collection techniques to achieve payment assurance.

Over 80% of patient payments collected after claim adjudication were automated in the first year

44% reduction in A/R over 90 days in a two-year period with a 16% reduction in overall days in A/R

35% decrease in bad debt

Are You Ready to Collect More Payments, Get Paid Faster and Decrease Costs to Collect?

Learn how InstaMed can improve the billing and payments experience at your organization. Request a demo of our solutions and see how InstaMed can help your organization collect more patient payments and achieve payment assurance.