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The items described in this document are product changes planned for implementation in the upcoming release. Product changes are subject to revision until the software release. 

Some features in this release may not apply to all accounts. InstaMed Modules have been added to the release notes to indicate which solution or feature is affected by this release. 

Release Notes

Disbursement Hub

Member EOB for ASO

Health plans with self-funded employers will be able to easily send explanation of benefits (EOB) and issue claim reimbursements to their members. Beyond this, health plans and their self-funded employers can take advantage of other great ASO capabilities such as enhanced funding models, employer notifications, and employer self-service via InstaMed Online.

ASO Invoicing

InstaMed is introducing the ability for health plans to invoice their self-funded employers for fees such as admin fees, stop-loss, third-party claims, and other ancillary fees. Health plans will need to build to InstaMed’s new file specification for ASO invoicing to enable this functionality. Invoicing data will also be accessible for both the health plan and employer through InstaMed Online.

Enhanced REST API

InstaMed is excited to expand our offering of REST API calls to support further integration. New API enhancements can create a simplified patient experience and offer additional payment touchpoints via secure API connectivity. These endpoints offer customers new features such as the ability to modify, add and delete a consumer’s digital wallet’s payment methods, payment plans, patient demographic information and insurance information. This provides a deeply integrated patient payment / intake experience within the vendors native User Interface (UI).

Please visit the InstaMed Developers Portal for more information:

Remittance Management

Remittance Search & Reports

InstaMed has consolidated the functionality of the Remittance screens in InstaMed Online by adding radio buttons allowing users to toggle between Remittance and Claims when running searches or reports.

Previously, the Healthcare > Remittance tab had Payments Quick Search, Paid Claims Quick Search, Payment Reports, and Paid Claims Reports.

Following the R1 release, the Healthcare > Remittance tab will now have a Search and a Report page. Both pages allow users to select between Claims and Remittances when running their query.

The simple search will allow users to search for a specific item, group, or date range, but users can also expand their queries using the Advanced search feature.

Paid Remittance Emails

InstaMed has updated Remittance notification emails to users, with embedded email links taking users directly to view the remittance, rather than searching manually.

Premium Group Single Sign-On

SSO Groups

InstaMed is introducing the ability for admins to use a single user ID to view payment and statement history for all sub users or employee groups through SSO. This feature will allow for an enhanced user experience for payers and will reduce some friction when payers are administering health plans for employer groups.

Enhanced Offline Reporting

Offline reporting for InstaMed Online has been enhanced to improve performance for offline reports. Offline reports can be queued if reports are too large to be run in InstaMed Online normally.

Payment Enhancements

Consumer Portal Enhancements

All payment methods in the Consumer Portal will now display with radio buttons to select the payment type. By adopting modern payment modules, we encourage users to discover payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay immediately upon landing on a page.

The Member Payment portal workflow for consumers has been updated for a cleaner user experience. Previously, consumers would be prompted to select claims and process their payments on the same screen. Following this release, consumers will now see two screens in the workflow: Claims, then Payments.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

InstaMed continues to improve our integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets. InstaMed will now support PayPal via Google Pay.

InstaMed is also allowing Apple Pay and Google Pay consumers to use the one-time future payment workflow for same-day payments. Payments scheduled beyond the same day are still not able to be paid with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Faster Deposits

InstaMed is expanding functionality for merchants with later end of day cut times for customers using Faster Funding. InstaMed merchants with a J.P. Morgan Chase DDA will be able to receive faster funding with later funding capture times. Customers who have MID cut times later than 5pm PT are now eligible for Next Day deposits with funding 7 days per week.

This feature will be available to customers in Q3 2022.

User Access Improvements

InstaMed Online Login Page Refresh

InstaMed has updated our login page with a fresh new look and new features for increased security.

Users will now be able to save logins on their web browser for faster access to InstaMed Online. User ID and Corporate ID can be saved for login, and users will only need to input their password.

Email Confirmation

Upon first login, users will now be asked to confirm their email address is active. Users with existing logins will be prompted to verify their email address following the R1 2022 release. After initial confirmation, users will need to re-confirm once every 12 months that their email address is still accurate. If email address is no longer accurate, users will input the correct email address. An email will be sent to confirm the new email address, and the account login will be updated with the user’s new email.  

Two-Step Verification

InstaMed is now offering two-step verification text messaging as an option for added security. Customers can enable or disable this feature and allow users to register their phone numbers. Customers can make two-step verification optional or required for their users. Users are given self-service options in the new Security configurations: Configure > Users and Groups > Security.

Users can update security questions, passwords, and enroll in two-step verification via the security page. Admins will be able to view enrollment in two-step verification and disable access as necessary. This feature will be available later in 2022.

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