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Four Things Healthcare Can Learn From Household Bills

Consumer payments are making up a larger portion of provider revenue. According to Kalorama Foundation, consumer healthcare spending is expected to be $608 billion by 2019. This is a truth that seems to be acknowledged throughout the industry; however, the key point missing from this conversation is just how much these payments impact the bottom line of providers.

For better insight into the relationship between consumer payments and revenue, we can look to two important statistics:

Patient satisfaction ratings fall by an

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The Story of One Bill

Meet Stacey. Stacey’s a track and field athlete who just broke her leg in an unfortunate collision with a spatially-unaware pole vaulter. After sharing some choice words with her clumsy collision counterpart, Stacey realizes she needs to go to the emergency room. She calls an Uber and gets a ride to the hospital. The car pulls up to a hospital that is part of a major health system in her community. She slides out of the car and her Uber

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