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Safe Spring Cleaning: Tips for Properly Disposing of Data

This time of year always marks the start of spring cleaning in my household. I love spring cleaning for many reasons. Not only does it give me the chance to make new space in the garage, get the backyard ready for summer barbecues and rediscover all the books and knickknacks that had been hiding beneath my couch cushions all year — it gives a security guru like myself the opportunity to talk to healthcare organizations about the importance of proper

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6 Security Resolutions Your Organization Can Make for 2017

There are two mindsets a person can have at the end of a year: you can reflect back on the events that have passed, or you can look ahead to a new year and new start. For the InstaMed Security Corner, we’ve done both. If you want to reflect on 2016, check out our Security Year in Review. If you’re eager for a fresh start in 2017, here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions for healthcare payment security.

Lose Weight

Every year,

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Sony Hack 2014: Lessons Learned and Why Healthcare Should Pay Attention

The profile of the cybercriminal is changing, and Hollywood is keeping up. If you watch the show Mr. Robot on USA Network, you see an example of a group of hackers who call themselves “hacktivists” and focus on taking down a large corporation through cybersecurity engineering and hacking. Their motivations are less about stealing money and information but rather bringing about the demise of a corporation they see as corrupt.

We know that criminal cyberattacks are on the rise across industries,

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Tales and Tricks of Social Engineering 20 Years Ago and Today

In last month’s blog, Compliance vs. Security and What Do All Those Acronyms Mean?, I highlighted the differences between compliance and security and how it’s possible (but not desirable) to have one without the other. This month, marking the anniversary of one of the most infamous hacker arrests of the twenty-first century, I want to discuss a serious security threat that compliance alone cannot prevent. But don’t worry, I’ll also highlight best practices you and your staff can take to

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