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Sony Hack 2014: Lessons Learned and Why Healthcare Should Pay Attention

The profile of the cybercriminal is changing, and Hollywood is keeping up. If you watch the show Mr. Robot on USA Network, you see an example of a group of hackers who call themselves “hacktivists” and focus on taking down a large corporation through cybersecurity engineering and hacking. Their motivations are less about stealing money and information but rather bringing about the demise of a corporation they see as corrupt.

We know that criminal cyberattacks are on the rise across industries,

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Has Your Data Gone Phishin’?

During the summer months, some of my colleagues like to talk about the fishing trips they take every weekend. I don’t know a lot about fishing, but I do know a lot about phishing and spear phishing, so I’ve found a way to contribute to the conversation by interjecting a few jokes that usually do a good job at reeling in the laughs:

What’s a CISO’s least favorite summer activity? Phishing.

What are hackers doing when they target healthcare organizations? Phishing docs.


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EMV Fraud Liability Shift: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Guest Blogger: Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, InstaMed

Recently, I wrote an article about how the healthcare industry faced a massive shift with the “other” October 2015 deadline: the EMV fraud liability shift. While many were focused on the ICD-10 transition, I listed the essentials to how EMV works and what providers could do to prepare.

October 1, 2015 has come and gone, but I am still hearing confusion and misinformation in the industry regarding how to manage the

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The Top 3 Essentials of Payment Security in Healthcare

Guest Blogger: Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, InstaMed

The Washington Post has deemed 2015 “the year of the healthcare hack” with multiple large-scale breaches already compromising the data of more than 100 million U.S. consumers. An issue compounding healthcare’s vulnerability is the rapid increase of consumer payment responsibility since the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to connect electronically with consumers to streamline the payments process, improve cash flow and ensure data security, which can significantly

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