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InstaMed Featured in PatientEngagementHIT

PatientEngagementHIT recently featured the InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Seventh Annual Report, focusing on the trend of how payers and providers should consider adopting digital patient payments to meet increasing consumer demand in healthcare.

Read the full article, Health Consumers Want Digital Patient Payments from Providers, in PatientEngagementHIT.

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InstaMed Featured in Healthcare Informatics

In this feature article, Healthcare Informatics explores the four key findings from the InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Seventh Annual Report as consumers are demanding more from healthcare, omnichannel payments are growing, paper is hurting all healthcare stakeholders and payment security is more important than ever.

Read the full article, Consumers Want Online Ease for Healthcare Payments, Report Finds, in Healthcare Informatics.

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The Seventh Annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Report Is Here!

The Trends in Healthcare Payments Seventh Annual Report: 2016 is now available to download – free of charge. For the last seven years, InstaMed has released this report to objectively educate the market and promote awareness, change and greater efficiency through quantitative data from the InstaMed Network and qualitative data from healthcare providers, payers and consumers surveyed nationwide.

Download the report:

We held a webinar featuring an inside look at the Seventh Annual Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report, including key

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2016: The Year in InstaMed Innovation

By Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management at InstaMed

Since day one, InstaMed was founded on the mission to simplify healthcare payments. You’ll find that mission is built into each one of our products and solutions. Our relentless drive to innovate allows us to deliver these next-generation healthcare payments to each stakeholder in the industry – whether you are a provider, payer or consumer – and 2016 was no different.

From paying health plan premiums to analyzing collection trends, the

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InstaMed Hosts Event During Epic UGM at Rare Steakhouse

Last week, the InstaMed team hopped a plane to Madison, WI to host a group of Epic users at Rare Steakhouse on the Monday evening of Epic UGM. We were very happy to have the opportunity to talk with our customers and colleagues about the latest trends and hot topics in healthcare payments. With plenty of food and drink fueling the conversation throughout the night, we learned a lot about our guests’ doubts, concerns and demands regarding payment security in

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