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InstaMed stands out as an operator of a single proprietary network that can handle both healthcare and payment transactions. Reinforcing this unique attribute is InstaMed’s compliance to both PCI and EHNAC standards.

- Bank Technology News – Red Gillen, Celent

The ability to use the InstaMed Go app with our mobile devices has helped us to significantly increase front office collections by accepting payments at all points of patient interaction.  Instead of asking a patient to go to another desk to pay, staff can collect payments using iPads during bedside discharge.  Since patients have more places and opportunities to pay, we are collecting more payments during patient visits and ensuring the patient responsibility is paid.  Additionally, the ability to access payment information and reporting tools from my iPad is wonderful because I’m constantly traveling between our various locations – regardless of where I am, I can check the balance for the day or access real-time reports.

- Debby Essex, Director of Admissions, Aspen Valley Hospital

As our clients see more and more self-pay patients, we knew we needed to implement ways to collect more from patients and effectively communicate payment expectations without adding an administrative burden on our staff or our clients. InstaMed gave us the tools to verify eligibility and estimate patient responsibility before self-pay patient visits and automatically generate a communication to set clear payment expectations with the patients upfront. Then, we are able to securely save patient payment cards on file to collect or set up automated, recurring payments, and all payments post directly into our billing system from Merge Healthcare, saving us time from manually posting payments. We are also able to eliminate time and costs to collect in the back office when patients pay using the InstaMed Patient Portal. InstaMed is more than just a payment processor – it has enabled us to manage the entire patient payments process for patients that choose to not mail in payments, all in one place and reduce administrative time to process payments by 25 percent between our staff and our clients. Additionally, with integrated tools to communicate payment estimates and offer convenient online payment options, we have improved patient engagement in the payment process.

- Gina Oates, Project Administrator, Canopy Partners

We were relying almost entirely on the back office to collect payments, which resulted in an increase in back office administrative work and a decrease in cash flow. InstaMed has enabled us to collect payments at every point of patient interaction, including the online Patient Portal; all clinical and administrative locations; educational classes; and even iPads used for inpatient discharge. And with InstaMed’s reporting tools, I can access real-time reports anytime to motivate my staff to collect more. As a result, we have increased front office payments by 124 percent over 5 years. Additionally, by automating payments, payment plans and refunds, we have reduced the time and costs to process payments by 65 percent over 5 years. As a growing hospital, we have been able to support an increase in patient volume without hiring additional staff to manage pre-certification processes!

- Debby Essex, Director of Admissions, Aspen Valley Hospital

Our patient billing process has been seamless since we switched to InstaMed. InstaMed enabled us to design the statements ourselves to ensure that our patients easily understand the amount they owe and their payment options. In addition, InstaMed monitors statement delivery, so we can trust that patients are receiving their statements. As a result, we have reduced our statement costs by 25 percent, and our patients are much happier with the payment process.

- Laura Grove, Patient Accounts Application Analyst, Good Samaritan Hospital

Processing patient payments for our clients used to be a multi-step process, requiring manual work to post and reconcile payments. InstaMed made it easy for us to transition from our inefficient bank terminal and begin to automatically post all payments directly into Optum PM and Physician EMR without manually totaling paper receipts at the end of each day. This eliminates our risk of payment posting errors and automates reconciliation for a more efficient end-to-end payment process. We have significantly reduced the time we spend on patient payment collections, and our clients love how easily they can view all transactions within Optum PM and Physician EMR.

- Franco Rizzolo, DC, CEO of National Billing Solutions, LLC

With InstaMed, we have streamlined our processes to manage claims and payer payments, which now integrate seamlessly with my practice management system. We have reduced the amount of time spent on claims management, payment posting and reconciliation by 90 percent – the cost of two full-time employees! Additionally, by receiving immediate claim responses and processing claims more efficiently, we’re collecting payments for clients more quickly and reconciling payments more efficiently, shortening the overall processing time by weeks. As a result, I’ve been able to expand my business without hiring more staff, reducing overhead and expenses. Choosing InstaMed is one of the best business decisions I’ve made!

- Kevin Milam, Owner, The Billing Center

As a busy pediatric group, we love InstaMed because it allows us to easily manage healthcare and payment transactions in one place. The Claims solution detects errors upfront so we can correct them before claims submission. With the Remittance solution we can view a summary of all payments for any given day to simplify the reconciliation process. InstaMed also enables us to collect patient payments directly into our practice management system, allowing us to monitor all payments in real-time. And finally, by using InstaMed for our patient billing, we receive confirmation of all received patient statements within 24 hours as well as a report of any addresses that have changed. We’re getting paid quicker than ever before!

- Bernie Razga, Billing Manager, Laurel Pediatrics

We chose InstaMed because we needed a robust tool that would automate our patient payment processes and work with our existing NextGen® system. With InstaMed, we have automated payment plans for thousands of patients and enabled patients to use the self-service NextGen EDI Payment Portal to pay their bills online, at their convenience. To simplify posting and reconciliation, we use the InstaMed End of Day Posting File to automatically post payments directly into our NextGen system. By automating our patient payment processes with InstaMed, we are saving 70 hours of administrative work per week! In addition, with InstaMed’s reporting tools, we have complete visibility into the payment details across all of our practices.

- Barb Hockman, Cash Applications Manager, American Health Network

With InstaMed, we use integrated card swipe devices and the convenient, user-friendly portal. Today, our cashiers securely swipe a patient payment card, and the payment is immediately processed and posted directly into our practice management system, QuadraMed Affinity. All other staff members log into our secure portal and quickly process all forms of payments or payment plans. We especially love the ability to quickly find payments in our system and reprint or email receipts to our patients. It took less than 20 minutes to train my staff on InstaMed, and now we have reduced the administrative time to process card payments by 90 percent. Additionally, with InstaMed’s automated Payment Plans, we’re collecting from high-deductible patients without spending the time tracking down the payments owed.

- Laura Grove, Patient Accounts Application Analyst, Good Samaritan Hospital

With InstaMed, we use a single solution to collect all types of payments – from credit/debit card to eCheck – faster and more efficiently for our clients. Accepting online payments with InstaMed’s Patient Portal has enabled us to significantly reduce days in A/R; and with InstaMed’s accurate, detailed and consolidated reporting, we have greatly enhanced our operational efficiency.

- Jane Knox, Vice President, Healthcare Administrative Partners

Previously, we were unable to collect 30-40 percent of our patient payments because we couldn’t accept credit/debit cards. With InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution, we’re collecting payments before our patients even leave the office, and the whole payment process is a lot quicker. Since InstaMed is integrated with Optum PM and Physician EMR, we don’t have to manually input information or use paper for posting and reconciliation because everything we need is automatically there. And with InstaMed’s reporting tools, if we have a question about a payment, we can click to access all the information we need right away. InstaMed has really made our lives easier.

- Rosemary Jacobs, M.S.N., Millington Family Medicine

We used to have to call patients each month to collect their monthly payments. With InstaMed’s Payment Plans, patients can give us their payment information once, and we can automatically collect their payments each month, saving us a lot of time on the phone. And with the Patient Portal, our patients can pay our clients as soon as they receive their statements. When patients pay online, we collect payments weeks faster and cut out the time and money spent to send multiple statements and make follow-up calls. On top of these benefits, InstaMed gives us access to payment details online, anytime we need it, so we can quickly send easy-to-read, end-of-day reports to our clients.

- Heather Santoro, Supervisor of Patient Accounts, Medical Management Corporation of America

Streamlining the payment process for our hospital and our affiliates has allowed us to accelerate our patient payments by 44 percent and reduce costs with a time savings of 20 hours per week. Our staff enjoys the efficiency in their day-to-day workflow, and our patients love having convenient payment options.

- Mary Oomen, Patient Financial Service Manager, North Ottawa Community Hospital

With the Patients Payments solution, InstaMed allows our laboratory call center to accept payment cards over the phone, which is much more efficient than receiving checks in the mail, since payments automatically post online. Initially, we were overwhelmed by the PCI compliance validation process required to securely accept payment cards. However, InstaMed proactively reached out to us and walks us through the entire process to validate our compliance each year, so the process is painless.

- Bob Nebel, Director of Finance, Genelex

Before InstaMed, our staff spent hours each day on the claims submission process, including the time it took to correct and resubmit rejected claims. Today, this process takes us minutes to complete, and we rarely see rejections. InstaMed has also made our patient payments process more efficient, enabling us to get rid of our slow, costly bank terminal and go paperless, making the patient checkout process and end-of-day reconciliation quick and easy. And our lives are much easier with InstaMed’s excellent Customer Service team. They detect any claim or payment delays and send proactive email notifications within seconds, and continue to send updates until a resolution has been reached. If I have any questions during the claims or payments processes, someone is always available to walk me through it step by step. Our staff doesn’t have to be computer savvy because we have InstaMed.

- Toni Garland, Office Manager, Eastside Pediatrics

InstaMed integrated seamlessly with our practice management system, driving significant financial improvement for our practice within the first six months. Our staff uses the reporting tools in InstaMed Online daily to track the status of all claims and payments. With InstaMed’s robust reporting and the Patient Payments solution, we have cut our patient bad debt in half. And with more efficient claims management, payment processing and reconciliation features, we have reduced our payment processing time by 50 percent, which has allowed us to expand our practice without hiring more administrative staff.

- Keith Campanelli, CFO, Austintown Pediatrics

For more than a decade, we spent hours each week to manually post and reconcile patient payments using a bank terminal and paper receipts. Now that we have InstaMed, this process takes no time at all. We just swipe the patient’s card, and the payment automatically posts directly to Optum PM and Physician EMR and applies to the patient’s chart so I don’t have to go back and associate it manually. With InstaMed, we’ve reduced the time spent on processing patient card payments by 75 percent. Plus, with automated posting and reconciliation, we don’t run the risk of making errors in the process, and we’re saving money by not printing stacks of paper receipts. With our time savings and simplified workflow with InstaMed, my practice can focus more energy on improving the care we give to our patients.

- Franco Rizzolo, DC, Partner and Administrator of Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center, LLC.

At our counseling practice, our six therapists see many patients on a weekly basis. With InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution, we save credit cards on file to automate the patient payment process, giving our patients an easy payment experience while ensuring that we receive timely payments. What further separates InstaMed from all other products is the quality of their support team. They are always willing to spend as much time as I need if I have questions and are eager to go above and beyond for me.

- Barbara Bouley, Office Manager, Comprehensive Counseling Connections

We chose InstaMed because it allows us to offer our clients a healthcare-specific payment processing tool, giving them the ability to use the same system for eligibility verification, claims and remittances as well as its payment processing.

- Heather Santoro, Supervisor of Patient Accounts, Medical Management Corporation of America

In my 26 years of experience managing billing for a practice, I have never worked with tools that have simplified my workflow and delivered such dramatic results as InstaMed’s Claims, Remittance and Patient Billing solutions. Our claims management process is streamlined from end to end, making claims submission and payment posting quick and easy. We’ve significantly reduced our claim denials and saved 60 hours of administrative work per week! And with an accurate and efficient process to print and mail patient statements we’re receiving patient payments 2-3 times faster.

- Judy Downing, Billing Manager, Holly Springs Pediatrics

In the past, figuring out PCI compliance has been daunting for me. But this year, I had InstaMed’s support to walk me through every step of the process, and it was easy! InstaMed’s Customer Service is a very valuable resource, and they’re saving my practice money on compliance fees.

- Toni Garland, Office Manager, Eastside Pediatrics

With InstaMed’s support, our practice transitioned to 5010 smoothly and easily. InstaMed sent us frequent proactive communications with clear instructions on how to prepare for the transition in advance. After the transition deadline, InstaMed continued to keep us informed about issues to watch for, what to expect each week and resources with further information. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we’re thrilled to have a clearinghouse and payment processor we trust.

- Keith Campanelli, CFO, Austintown Pediatrics

As a billing service controller, InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution has streamlined and automated my day-to-day workflow. Collecting payments and then posting and reconciliation were extremely time-consuming and cumbersome. Now, it’s easy for me to process all types of payments for all of our clients, and I receive immediate acknowledgement of payments with automatic posting into our system. With InstaMed’s user-friendly, automated reporting, I am now able to send out end-of-month reports to all of the account managers. Our business is saving time and money with this efficient solution, and we’re collecting more payments for our clients as a result.

- Linda Shelby, Controller, PhyCom Group

Partnering with InstaMed was an easy choice for us. Combining our billing and patient information management solutions with InstaMed’s leading healthcare payment solutions has created efficiency gains and increased revenue for the HME industry. Our partnership with InstaMed has proven successful in the marketplace. Since integrating InstaMed Connect into our application, our customers are very pleased with the results from their HME business.

- Gregg Timmons, CEO, MedAct

We integrated InstaMed Automated Eligibility with our patient accounting systems to support real-time and batch automated eligibility inquiries to InstaMed’s Network. Our patient volumes were steadily increasing, and like every healthcare provider we needed to work hard to collect the receivables and needed to acquire new electronic tools to eliminate the manual processes. Standard solutions such as phone calls or using health plan web sites to double key information was not a viable solution in our environment. InstaMed’s eligibility and benefit inquiry solutions have been integrated into our systems, are real-time capable and flexible enough to meet our business requirements.

- Stephen Badger, CEO, The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates

InstaMed is revolutionizing the way I do business. For several years, I had been hesitant to move towards electronic billing; however, InstaMed has made the daunting task easy. Their interface is simple to use. It has significantly reduced the time we spend preparing, printing, and mailing bills. Our rejection rates improved instantly, and we are now receiving payment on claims more quickly. My staff loves it. I love it. We couldn’t recommend InstaMed more highly.

- Dr. Chris Bernabei, D.C., Balance Health Center

My experience with InstaMed’s Claims solution has been very positive. The individual assistance I received during the implementation process was outstanding, and this level of support has carried through to the InstaMed Customer Service team. Whenever I have a question, they are always prompt, courteous and helpful – that’s why I will continue to use InstaMed for my practice.

- Dr. Peggy Heller, M.D.

Using InstaMed has been one of the best decisions we have made for our billing department here at Gwinnett Pediatrics. Implementation was a breeze and it is simple for our patients and employees to use. Our patients enjoy the ease of making online payments versus leaving a message and waiting for a call back just to make a credit card payment. InstaMed has been a great tool for our Patient Account Representatives, who have seen a tremendous reduction in patient calls which gives them the free time to work on outstanding accounts. We have also seen a significant decrease in accounts receivable within 3 months of implementation.

- Charissa Schlesinger, Accounts Receivables, Gwinnett Pediatrics

The ability to check eligibility in real-time allows us to confirm insurance coverage up-front, reducing claim rejections and speeding up self pay collection efforts. The payment solutions allow us to collect patient payments at the point of service, in the back office or through payment plans. These solutions have decreased our patient bad debt and our days in A/R from over 81 days to just 24 days.

- Trish Vince, Billing Manager, On Demand Home Medical, MedAct Customer

We can seamlessly transmit claims and check eligibility in real-time directly from the Med Act application. By no longer having to manage multiple applications and screens, we save 15 hours a month and have seen an increase in our collections by 37 percent. MedAct’s enhanced application with extensive reporting is truly superior to the other software solutions built for the HME industry today.

- Trish Vince, Billing Manager, On Home Demand Medical, MedAct Customer

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