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U.S. Bank Payment Accelerator: A Free Service to Receive ERA/EFT from Multiple Payers

Receive payment faster, ease reassociation, process remittance information sooner and reduce payment processing costs with ERA/EFT!

Enroll for ERA/EFT through U.S. Bank Payment Accelerator and you will receive:

  • Electronic funds transfer into your existing bank account
  • Email notification of payment
  • Access to the U.S. Bank Payment Accelerator website, where you can:
    • View payments and drill down to claim details
    • Download the remittance in an 835 format
    • View the EFT trace number to match to a deposit in your bank account
    • Search for a specific claim or payment
  • Optional 835 file transmission direct to you or your clearinghouse. For a list of supported clearinghouses, click here.

ERA/EFT from Multiple Payers
Once enrolled, you will automatically receive ERA/EFT from payers in our network. For a list of available payers, view our payer list.

Enroll for ERA/EFT through U.S. Bank Payment Accelerator

  • Click here to enroll online for U.S. Bank Payment Accelerator, a free service, to start receiving benefits immediately.
  • Or, download the Order Form — Payer Payments, attach a voided check or bank letter and fax them to U.S. Bank at (877) 755-3392.

Security & Compliance
Payment Accelerator is powered by InstaMed. InstaMed has achieved the following levels of security and compliance:

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