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Article: The Top Three Essentials of Payment Security in Healthcare

A March 20th Washington Post article deemed 2015 “the year of the healthcare hack,” with multiple large-scale breaches already compromising the data of more than 100 million US consumers. An Issue compounding…
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Article: Pay Up! How to Simplify the Healthcare Payment Process in 5 Key Steps

As the healthcare industry continues to move toward patient-centered care, providers strategize how to offer the highest quality of care based on patient needs. Navigating the healthcare landscape may prove difficult for patients,…
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New on the Blog: EMV, Encryption and Reducing PCI Scope

One month after the EMV liability shift, many providers still have questions about the transition to EMV-capable payment solutions. Our two latest blog posts feature tips and insights from industry leaders about how to make the…
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Webinar December 9: Health Plans – Deliver the Payment Experience Members Want

This webinar has already occurred.

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Article: Propensity to Pay Tools Help Focus Revenue Cycle Resources

With the changing healthcare landscape, health systems are feeling the squeeze of reduced cash flow and a rise in bad debt write-offs, the result of decreasing reimbursements and increased patient costs associated with rising premiums…
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Article: Ten Ways Plans Must Change to Meet Consumer Demands

Today’s consumers have high expectations when making a retail purchase. These same demands apply when purchasing health insurance and getting medical care. Health plans that don’t meet customers’ expectations may be left out in the…
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