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Article: Pay Online

By: Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, InstaMed

Why has consumerism become such a trend in healthcare discussions? To a provider, they are “patients” when they walk into the office for an annual checkup or a hospital emergency room. To a payer, they are “members” when they pay their premium or receive an explanation of benefits. Due to recent changes in the industry, patients and members have become empowered consumers driving change in an industry that is paying close…
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Article: Get Ready for the “Other” October Deadline: EMV Fraud Liability Shift

By: Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, InstaMed

The healthcare industry is preparing for a massive shift in October 2015 that will change crucial workflows and require new technology. No, I’m not talking about the ICD-10 deadline. I’m referring to the deadline to switch to EMV-capable card readers.

As the Senior Vice President of Product Management at a healthcare payment technology company, I am hearing that many providers large and small are wondering what they need to do to be…
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Article: In Healthcare Payments, EMV May Be a Driver, But Dodging PCI Is the Benefit

No category of payment-card-accepting merchants, including healthcare providers, is immune from the EMV liability shift coming Oct. 1. Yet, some payments providers specializing in servicing clinics and hospitals say there is a lack of understanding among their clients that goes beyond what acquirers have found in other merchant categories.

The health care segment requires knowing the customer to pitch EMV, says Chris Seib with InstaMed.
“Healthcare probably lags some industries in terms of EMV readiness,” Chris Seib, chief technology officer and co-founder…
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Webinar: Security and Encryption in Healthcare Payments

This webinar has already occurred.

Click here to download the presentation.

Join us for an educational webinar discussing best practices for securely processing payments while protecting sensitive patient and payment data.

We will discuss what you need to know now about secure payment channels:

Chip cards and new standards for merchant liability beginning October 1, 2015
NFC (Apple and Android Pay)
Encrypted online and mobile payments
Enhanced proactive security measures to reduce your risk of a data breach

Guest Speakers:

Kiran Gandhi, Vice President, Business Development, MagTek, Inc.
Jeff Lin,…
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Article: RCM Tip of the Day – Secure Data Processed Through New Payment Channels

Patients are increasingly demanding online options for payment, but this presents a number of data security issues.

Jeff Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, InstaMed: Until recently, providers relied on paper checks from just a few payers for almost all of their revenue. As patient payments increase, providers must now collect payments from hundreds or even thousands of patients from various payment channels to get paid for their services. In a recent survey, 93 percent of patients indicated that they…
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EMV and Encryption

EMV: A chip-based payment transaction occurs when a microprocessor (smart chip), generally embedded in a plastic payment card or a personal device such as a mobile phone, connects to an EMV-enabled point of sale (POS) device. This smart chip card provides an additional form of card authentication, validating the legitimacy of the payment type being used.

With the liability shift deadline of October 1, 2015 for EMV rapidly approaching, many providers large and small are wondering what they need to do…
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