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Article: Pay Up! How to Simplify the Healthcare Payment Process in 5 Key Steps

As the healthcare industry continues to move toward patient-centered care, providers strategize how to offer the highest quality of care based on patient needs. Navigating the healthcare landscape may prove difficult for patients, especially when paying for their care.

The providers that offer convenient payment methods for patients will come out ahead, says Chris Seib, chief technology officer of InstaMed, a company dedicated to simplifying the healthcare payment process. The U.S. healthcare payments market is expected to reach $5 trillion by…
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New on the Blog: EMV, Encryption and Reducing PCI Scope

One month after the EMV liability shift, many providers still have questions about the transition to EMV-capable payment solutions. Our two latest blog posts feature tips and insights from industry leaders about how to make the transition to EMV, as well as information about the steps you can take to ensure that your payments are secure.

Ask the Expert: EMV, Encryption and Reducing Your PCI Scope
Earlier this year, Payment Card Industry Professional Tony Hansen met with a group of Epic users…
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Webinar December 9: Health Plans – Deliver the Payment Experience Members Want

Members expect and demand a better payment experience in today’s market. Health plans will need to take a deeper look at how members feel about the process of making health care payments; learn how they value a positive payment experience relative to other health plan services, and how that can affect their choice of health plan going forward.

During the webinar, attendees will hear about the state of health care payments today including the forces at work, volume trends, and how…
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Article: Propensity to Pay Tools Help Focus Revenue Cycle Resources

With the changing healthcare landscape, health systems are feeling the squeeze of reduced cash flow and a rise in bad debt write-offs, the result of decreasing reimbursements and increased patient costs associated with rising premiums and co-pays.


Nearly 20 percent of consumers have unpaid healthcare bills in 2014, with 17.4 million consumers enrolled in high-deductible plans – a 12 percent increase over the previous year, according to InstaMed’s 2014 Trends in Healthcare Payments.
Out-of-pocket payments for insured patients are expected to reach…
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Article: Ten Ways Plans Must Change to Meet Consumer Demands

Today’s consumers have high expectations when making a retail purchase. These same demands apply when purchasing health insurance and getting medical care. Health plans that don’t meet customers’ expectations may be left out in the cold. The trend—dubbed healthcare consumerism—marks a shift toward greater consumer choice and responsibility.

As healthcare consumerism gains momentums, health plans need to change their offerings to keep up with consumer demands.

“They have … to come to grips with the fact that the market was moving toward…
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Article: KeyCorp Puts Stake in Rising Fintech Game

For banks, it’s a fight for relevance, and the fintech industry threw the first punch.

But Cleveland’s largest bank is fighting back.

KeyCorp is staking its claim in the surging financial technology industry that’s drawing billions of investor dollars and disrupting the banking sector. Key has formed partnerships with a couple fintech companies, it’s seeking others and even participating as an investor with some.

The strategy is a way for banks to become bigger players in the innovation-driven fintech industry, which generally encompasses…
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