Improve the entire payment process with a single platform exclusively designed for healthcare.

Address some of your biggest revenue cycle challenges, improve operational efficiency and collect funds faster. Discover the benefits of an end-to-end healthcare payments solution that enables you to consolidate vendors, simplify staff workflows and deliver a great patient experience.

Solutions to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

Automate posting and reconciliation to eliminate manual steps and streamline your revenue cycle.

Clearinghouse and Payment Solutions

Simplify payer payments, eligibility, claims and remittance processes. Connect all of your payers on a single platform.

Payment Experiences That Build Patient Loyalty

Engage patients early, personalize their journey and offer a simple experience that improves your financial performance.

Tricore collects 65% of payments online with InstaMed solutions

“InstaMed has allowed us to really transform collections at our TriCore locations with convenient payment options throughout the patient journey! InstaMed delivers incredibly powerful tools that deliver seamless integration into our existing system.”

Denise Mazon,

Director of Payer Strategy and Revenue Management, 2019

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Independently Certified for Both Healthcare and Payments

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Improve Patient Engagement and Simplify Complex Processes

Industry Leading


InstaMed Online for Providers

Manage every healthcare payment transaction in a cloud-based platform with role-based security.

InstaMed Connect

Integrate healthcare payments into any healthcare IT application with our secure gateway API.




Tools for More Efficient Operations

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Additional Resources

Drive eStatement Adoption: Increase Patient Engagement and Payment Collection

Data shows that patients pay electronic invoices faster than paper bills. Download our guide for tips on how to get more of your patients to enroll in and use paperless billing.

Case Study
Boston Children’s Hospital Increases Copay Collection by 195% with InstaMed Payment Integration in Epic

“Boston Children’s looks to InstaMed as a dedicated partner that shares our vision of a better payment experience for families."

Case Study
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics Automates Over 80% of Collections With InstaMed and NextGen Healthcare

"With InstaMed, the payment information is not stored in our system, meeting the high standards of PCI and eliminating our risk of a payment data breach."

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