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Why did I receive a payment from InstaMed in the mail?

Payers and patients use InstaMed to deliver payments to providers. You can register with InstaMed to receive these funds electronically, or you can process the payment manually.

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How do I reset my provider portal password?

Access InstaMed Online for Providers at, then enter your User Name and Corporate ID and click Forgot Password.

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I don’t remember the answers to my security questions.

If you do not remember your security questions or have not set up your security questions, please contact InstaMed Customer Service directly using one of the following methods: (866) 467-8263 or [email protected].

How do I update my Corporate ID?

Contact InstaMed Customer Service by emailing [email protected] or calling (866) 467-8263 and a member of the InstaMed team will assist with processing your request.

How do I change my Payer Payments remittance delivery?

To manage your Payer Payments remittance delivery, access InstaMed Online for Providers at

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How do I change my bank account?

To update your bank account on file with InstaMed, access InstaMed Online for Providers at

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How do I update the administrator on my account?

If the current administrator on your InstaMed account is no longer with the practice, you must complete the “Change Admin User” InstaMed change form.

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