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Personalize the Patient Financial Experience

Your Patients All Want the Same Thing – in Uniquely Different Ways

What patients want and how patients want it are not the same. 82% of consumers want to make all of their healthcare payments in one place1. However, that “same place” is not the same for every patient. Create a user-friendly healthcare payments experience that guides patients along unique journeys that lead to the same end goal: getting you paid.

Personalized displays for patients to pay medical bills via mobile phone, laptop and tablet computer.

Your Patients Are Empowered

To make choices…
56% of consumers would consider switching providers for a better healthcare payments experience2

To demand digital options…
75% of consumers want to enroll in electronic statements, yet 28% say they are not given the option3

To use technology…
5 of the top 10 App Store downloads in the medical category are for “healthcare-related” apps4

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty

Build patient loyalty across the payment journey. Our digital patient payment and billing solutions engage patients early, deliver personalization through AI and ensure a simple and secure experience that drives patient satisfaction and improves your financial performance.

Real Business Results

4x increase in online payment volume5

11% increase in average monthly patient payment volume6

33% reduction in paper statement costs7

Reduce costs to collect by 65%8

Personalize the Payments Journey for Your Patients

Young man smiling as he uses his mobile phone to pay a medical bill.


Digital native who navigates life from his mobile phone*

“I’m always telling people: ‘If you need me, text me.’ Even my mom knows the fastest way to get me to respond is by text because I won’t answer a phone call.”

Smiling young woman holds a child while paying a medical bill on a tablet computer.


Busy mom managing finances for her household on multiple platforms*

“Between work and kids, my to-do list is a mile long. I manage it all pretty well, but reminders about important tasks can be super helpful.”

Happy senior citizen man wearing glasses smiles while sitting on a couch.


Retired businessman who is hesitant to use new technology*

“Don’t try to impress me with buzzwords and features. All I want to know is, ‘Is it efficient?’ and ‘Is my information protected?'”

Build Patient Loyalty at Every Step of the Patient Journey

Mobile phone shows sequence for a patient to register to pay a healthcare bill and receive text messages.

Build Patient Satisfaction
From the First Interaction

Early Digital Engagement

  • Capture patient payment information and preferences pre-service with automated invitations to enroll
  • Convenient Engagement Channels

  • Text-to-pay enables fast and easy payments via smartphone or tablet
  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Preferred payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Young man smiling as he uses his mobile phone to pay a medical bill.

    The text-to-pay feature meets Tyler in the digital space he prefers.*

    Patients can view and pay a bill, set up a payment plan and receive text messages on a tablet computer.

    Drive Patient Action Through Intelligent Digital Nurturing

    Payment Reminders

  • Automated communications meet patients at the right time on the digital platforms they use most
  • Personalized Experience

  • Personalized payment plan determined by proprietary AI model
  • Simplified Payments

  • Single, consolidated billing statement with a view of balances across family members
  • Smiling young woman holds a child while paying a medical bill on a tablet computer.

    A consolidated bill makes it easy for Erica to pay bills for her family, and timely reminders ensure her payments aren’t late.*

    Example of an personalized, easy-to-ready patient bill from a healthcare provider.

    Engage Patients With a Smarter Bill

    Patient Billing With Personalization

  • Easy-to-read statement with personalized messaging designed to drive online payments and eStatement adoption
  • Digital Wallet

  • Secure digital wallet to store preferred payment methods for future use and automation
  • Convenient Payment Options

  • Ability to use any payment option, including IVR, online bill pay and check, builds trust and satisfaction
  • Happy senior citizen man wearing glasses smiles while sitting on a couch.

    A user-friendly online experience that is consistent with Michael’s paper bill builds confidence and trust in a digital payment option.*

    Take the First Step Toward a
    Better Patient Experience

    Optimize Your Revenue Cycle With Reporting and Insights

    Dashboard with color-coded charts and data detailing patient engagement with email communications.

    Discover Consumer Loyalty Insights

    Monitor the success of your patient engagement over time with customizable dashboards of payment and communication activity.*

    Patient Hub’s searchable dashboard with details for patient billing, payment and insurance coverage.

    Understand Patient Behavior With Patient Hub

    View communication preferences, benefit information and payment activity for every patient. Empower your staff to have meaningful conversations with patients about digital payment options and engagement.*

    Establish Trust With Payment Security and Compliance

    InstaMed is a PCI Level One Service Provider. Protect payments at every touchpoint.

  • Ensure protection of card-present data with P2PE
  • Accept EMV and contactless EMV payments
  • Safeguard stored payments with tokenization
  • Keep cardholder data off your networks and reduce PCI compliance costs
  • Learn more about Security and Compliance for Healthcare Payments

    Trusted by Hospitals and Health Systems Across the U.S.

    Take the First Step Toward a
    Better Patient Experience

    Speak with a patient experience expert to see how InstaMed can help your organization improve patient satisfaction and build patient loyalty.

    1 InstaMed Consumer Healthcare Payments Survey 2020
    2 InstaMed Consumer Healthcare Payments Survey 2020
    3 InstaMed Consumer Healthcare Payments Survey 2020
    4 SensorTower, Top Charts: iPhone – US – Medical, April 2021
    6 Analysis: large Midwest health system
    7 Analysis: large ophthalmology practice in the Pacific Northwest
    * Information is for example purposes only and not based on actual data.

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