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Sierra Pacific Orthopedics is a comprehensive muscular skeletal practice in Fresno, California that serves up to 500 patients a day with a staff of 22 physicians and 50 total providers. The practice also offers physical therapy and MRI services in addition to orthopedics and family practice.
"The InstaMed Auto Payment Collect solution gave us a robust tool to alleviate the burden of increasing patient responsibility due to high deductible health plans, while reducing the costs and time to collect from patients. With InstaMed, the payment information is not stored in our system, meeting the high standards of PCI and eliminating our risk of a payment data breach."
Joe Clark, Chief Executive Officer Sierra Pacific Orthopedics
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics faced significant increases in patient responsibility as the average deductible for single coverage doubled from 2010 to 2016 (Kaiser Family Foundation). The practice needed a way to increase collections without significant staff work and with support for integration with NextGen® Enterprise PM (formerly NextGen® Practice Management).
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics implemented the InstaMed Auto Payment Collect™ solution to securely save a payment card before or during a patient’s visit and automatically collect any patient responsibility. InstaMed’s integration with NextGen Enterprise PM allowed for a seamless, fast implementation with minimal staff involvement.
Automated patient payment collections
Reduction in A/R over 90 days
Decrease in bad debt
eStatement adoption