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Previously, we were unable to collect 30-40 percent of our patient payments because we couldn’t accept credit/debit cards. With InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution, we’re collecting payments before our patients even leave the office, and the whole payment process is a lot quicker. Since InstaMed is integrated with CareTracker, we don’t have to manually input information or use paper for posting and reconciliation because everything we need is automatically there. And with InstaMed’s reporting tools, if we have a question about a payment, we can click to access all the information we need right away. InstaMed has really made our lives easier.

– Rosemary Jacobs, M.S.N., Millington Family Medicine


Millington Family Medicine is a two-provider family practice clinic in Millington, Tennessee, that opened in September 2011.


When Millington Family Medicine was founded in September 2011, the providers had come from another clinic where the processes to collect patient payments had been inefficient, resulting in high patient bad debt. When the providers founded the new clinic, they wanted to find an efficient way to collect and avoid patient bad debt.


  • Reduced patient bad debt
  • Reduced days in A/R
  • Reduced payment processing time


Lessons Learned from Inefficient Processes

Missing Out on Money

At their previous clinic, the staff members of Millington Family Medicine were unable to accept payments via credit or debit card. Since most of their patients preferred to pay with a card and often did not bring checks or cash with them, many patients were unable to pay at the point of service. On average, the clinic collected a patient’s payment three to four weeks after the visit, if at all.

“We were unable to collect 30 to 40 percent of payments because we couldn’t accept credit/debit cards,” said Rosemary Jacobs, one of the providers at Millington Family Medicine. “We were missing out on a lot of money.”

Manually, Paper-Based Processes

Since the payments were collected separately from the clinic’s practice management system, the staff member at the front desk had to manually reconcile check and cash payments at the end of each day. This involved manually entering each payment individually into a spreadsheet, taking up to two hours each week. Anytime there was a question about a past payment, the staff would have to search through spreadsheets to find the payment. Furthermore, Rosemary frequently had to assist with administrative tasks at the front desk when more resources were needed.

A Fresh Start with Integrated Patient Payments

Patient Payments Made Easy

When founding Millington Family Medicine, the staff knew they needed to implement tools and processes to collect more payments and manage them efficiently. The clinic decided to use InstaMed because the Patient Payments solution integrated seamlessly with CareTracker, its practice management system. Today, the staff collects all patient payments by credit/debit card, cash or check at the point of service. This has enabled the clinic to receive payments weeks sooner and prevent accruing patient bad debt.

“InstaMed has really made our lives easier. We’re collecting payments before our patients even leave the office, and the whole process of collecting payments is a lot quicker,” said Rosemary.

Automated Posting and Convenient Reporting

With InstaMed’s integration with CareTracker, all payments are posted in real-time, so the staff never has to spend time working with paper reports and Excel spreadsheets to manually record payments.

“We don’t have to manually input information or use any paper because it’s all right there in CareTracker,” said Rosemary.

And with InstaMed’s reporting, locating past payments is easy.

“If we have a question about a payment on a certain day, we just click on the month and day, and we can see all the information we need right away,” she said.

Furthermore, with a streamlined process to collect, post and reconcile payments, the clinic only needs one administrative staff member to manage patient payments.

The Result: A Thriving Business

By using InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution integrated with CareTracker, Millington Family Medicine is collecting payments at the point of service to avoid increased days in A/R and patient bad debt. And with automated payment posting and reconciliation, the clinic is paperless and spends virtually no time to process payments. This enables the providers to focus more on patient care and the clinic to thrive as a business.

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