Case Study: Pediatric Practice Automates 90% of Patient Payment Collections with InstaMed

Background of Cornerstone Pediatrics
Cornerstone Pediatrics is a solo practice run by Dr. Robert P. Stephens in Seguin, Texas. The practice serves 1,500 active patients and the staff includes two medical assistants and one practice manager. All quotes referenced in this case study were provided by Dr. Stephens.

Cornerstone Pediatrics wanted to establish a new billing policy that would require patients to keep a card saved on file. They needed to find a solution that would support the…
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Case Study: Hospital Increases Online Payment Transactions by 143% in Four Months with InstaMed

Background of Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rockford Memorial Hospital is a 396-licensed bed healthcare facility in Rockford, Illinois. Since its opening in 1885, the hospital has been dedicated to delivering superior care every day, to every patient.

“Our patients are so happy with InstaMed payments in MyChart that they have told me that they are excited to visit the website and have everything in one place.”

– Jim Dove, Healthcare Application Analyst, Rockford Memorial Hospital



Like many…
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Case Study: Large Ophthalmology Clinic Sees 7x Increase in Online and Mobile Payments with InstaMed


Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic (GTOC) has seven ophthalmologists, four optometrists and three locations in Michigan. As users of NextGen® Practice Management, GTOC recently implemented InstaMed for integrated payments through multiple channels, including point of service, online, mobile and through their patient portal to increase collections. They also implemented automated posting and bank account reconciliation to cut administrative costs and save staff time.


GTOC was using a payment processor that was not meeting…
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Case Study: Estimating Patient Responsibility to Collect More

As our clients see more and more self-pay patients, we knew we needed to implement ways to collect more from patients and effectively communicate payment expectations without adding an administrative burden on our staff or our clients. InstaMed gave us the tools to verify eligibility and estimate patient responsibility before self-pay patient visits and automatically generate a communication to set clear payment expectations with the patients upfront. Then, we are able to securely save patient payment…
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Case Study: Hospital Increases Front Office Payments by 124% with InstaMed


Aspen Valley Hospital is a critical access hospital in Colorado serving over 35,000 patients annually on average among the hospital and its two off-site clinical locations.


Aspen Valley Hospital was not effectively collecting many payments in the front office during patient visits, which increased the amount of administrative work required in the back office to collect, also resulting in a decrease in cash flow.


With InstaMed, Aspen Valley is collecting more…
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Case Study: Hospital Reduces Costs with Patient-Friendly Statements

Our patient billing process has been seamless since we switched to InstaMed. InstaMed enabled us to design the statements ourselves to ensure that our patients easily understand the amount they owe and their payment options. In addition, InstaMed monitors statement delivery, so we can trust that patients are receiving their statements. As a result, we have reduced our statement costs by 25 percent, and our patients are much happier with the payment process.

– Laura Grove, Patient…
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Case Study: Billing Service Collects Faster with Payment Tools Built for Healthcare

We chose InstaMed because it allows us to offer our clients a healthcare-specific payment processing tool, giving them the ability to use the same system for eligibility verification, claims and remittances as well as its payment processing.

– Heather Santoro, Supervisor of Patient Accounts, Medical Management Corporation of America


Medical Management Corporation of America (MMCOA) is a medical billing company for group practices in multiple states.


MMCOA was billing for its…
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Case Study: American Health Network Cuts Costs with Integrated Payments

We chose InstaMed because we needed a robust tool that would automate our patient payment processes and work with our existing NextGen® system.  With InstaMed, we have automated payment plans for thousands of patients and enabled patients to use the self-service NextGen EDI Payment Portal to pay their bills online, at their convenience.  To simplify posting and reconciliation, we use the InstaMed End of Day Posting File to automatically post payments directly into our NextGen® system. …
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Case Study: Billing Service Improves Efficiency by 90% with InstaMed

With InstaMed, we have streamlined our processes to manage claims and payer payments, which now integrate seamlessly with my practice management system.  We have reduced the amount of time spent on claims management, payment posting and reconciliation by 90 percent – the cost of two full-time employees!  Additionally, by receiving immediate claim responses and processing claims more efficiently, we’re collecting payments for clients more quickly and reconciling payments more efficiently, shortening the overall processing time by…
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Case Study: Clinic Reduces Bad Debt and Payment Processing Time with Integrated Payments and Reporting

Previously, we were unable to collect 30-40 percent of our patient payments because we couldn’t accept credit/debit cards. With InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution, we’re collecting payments before our patients even leave the office, and the whole payment process is a lot quicker. Since InstaMed is integrated with CareTracker, we don’t have to manually input information or use paper for posting and reconciliation because everything we need is automatically there. And with InstaMed’s reporting tools, if we…
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Case Study: Practice Cuts Costs and Saves Time with Integrated Healthcare Payments

Before InstaMed, our staff spent hours each day on the claims submission process, including the time it took to correct and resubmit rejected claims. Today, this process takes us minutes to complete, and we rarely see rejections. InstaMed has also made our patient payments process more efficient, enabling us to get rid of our slow, costly bank terminal and go paperless, making the patient checkout process and end-of-day reconciliation quick and easy. And our lives are…
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Case Study: Practice Cuts Patient Bad Debt in Half with InstaMed

InstaMed integrated seamlessly with our practice management system, driving significant financial improvement for our practice within the first six months.  Our staff uses the reporting tools in InstaMed Online daily to track the status of all claims and payments.  With InstaMed’s robust reporting and the Patient Payments solution, we have cut our patient bad debt in half.  And with more efficient claims management, payment processing and reconciliation features, we have reduced our payment processing time by…
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Case Study: Practice Collects Payments Faster with Efficient Claims, Remittances and Patient Billing

In my 26 years of experience managing billing for a practice, I have never worked with tools that have simplified my workflow and delivered such dramatic results as InstaMed’s Claims, Remittance and Patient Billing solutions. Our claims management process is streamlined from end to end, making claims submission and payment posting quick and easy. We’ve significantly reduced our claim denials and saved 60 hours of administrative work per week! And with an accurate and efficient process…
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Case Study: Practice Drives Cash Flow and Reduces Costs with Integrated Claims and Payments

By using InstaMed’s Claims solution, integrated with our EMR software, we’re receiving payer payments two to three times faster – reduced from 20-45 days to 7-21 days – which, in turn, has accelerated our patient payments. And with automated payment posting and reconciliation, our payment process is simple, efficient and accurate, saving us 40 hours of administrative work per week and significantly reducing our costs to collect.

– Leann DiDomenico, Administrative Director, Performance Pediatrics


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Case Study: Hospital Accelerates Patient Payments by Streamlining Workflow

Streamlining the payment processes for our hospital and our affiliates has allowed us to accelerate our patient payments by 44 percent and reduce costs with a time savings of 20 hours per week. Our staff enjoys the efficiency in their day-to-day workflow, and our patients love having convenient payment options.

– Mary Oomen, Patient Financial Service Manager, North Ottawa Community Hospital


North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH) is an 81-bed acute care facility located…
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500,000 total inpatient and outpatient visits a year
Total Value Created = $3,500,000

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25 Hospital or Office Based Clients
Total Value Created = $900,000

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