Offer Patients Multiple Ways to Pay

The InstaMed Patient Payments solution is the most secure, automated way to collect patient payments. Offer multiple ways to pay, automate collections, enable payment plans and allow patients to create digital wallets. Streamline your operational processes with a single automated posting file for every payment channel and method.

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Every Payment Channel

Offer multiple ways for patients to pay including point of service, online, mobile, bank bill pay, IVR, mail, phone and at 60,000 retail locations

Every Payment Method

Allow patients to pay with payment cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, eCheck, bank accounts, HSA, FSA, HRA, check and cash


Most Trusted

Leverage P2PE and other integration options to reduce your PCI scope

End-to-End Payments on One Platform

InstaMed delivers payment technology, gateway and processing all in one place. Whether you’re collecting payments at the point of service or via online, mobile, phone, IVR, mail, bank bill pay, EMV or Apple Pay, InstaMed handles the transaction from when the patient pays to when the funds are deposited into your bank account, and every step in between. The entire process, including acquiring, processing, funding, reporting, billing, posting and refunding, is supported on one platform designed and developed on one code base and supported by one onshore team of experts in healthcare payments.

Batch eCheck

Process checks easily without the hassles of paper, bank deposits and manual processing. Quickly scan checks and automate posting of payments to your system. Access every payment detail online with real-time reporting and stored check images.

Bank Bill Payments

Increase collections and reduce bad debt by enabling patients to pay with their existing bank bill pay portal at more than 5,000 bank websites.

Did You Know?

72% of consumers preferred an electronic payment method for their healthcare bills.

Source: Trends in Healthcare Payments Sixth Annual Report: 2015

"With InstaMed, we have reduced the administrative time to process card payments by 90%...."

Source: Laura Grove, Patient Accounts Application Analyst, Good Samaritan Hospital

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500,000 total inpatient and outpatient visits a year
Total Value Created = $3,500,000

Billing Service

300,000 billed claims a year
25 Hospital or Office Based Clients
Total Value Created = $900,000

25 Doctor Practice

90,000 patient visits a year
Total Value Created = $400,000

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