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Every Payment Costs Less

InstaMed reduces every cost in the healthcare payments process by connecting payers, providers, members and banks on a single, integrated network to securely and efficiently manage every healthcare payment transaction.  Payers connect to InstaMed to easily manage every provider payment and member communication all in one place.  InstaMed seamlessly integrates with payer systems to improve efficiency and simplify the implementation process. Additionally, InstaMed meets the highest levels of security and compliance for both healthcare and payments processing.

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Member Payments

Simplify the Healthcare Payment Experience for Members

The Member Payments solution enables you to meet the demands of healthcare consumerism by delivering members a single, secure place to manage all claim payments and pay all of their providers on your website. Differentiate your plan and improve member and provider network relations by simplifying the way members manage their healthcare bills.

Premium Payments

Simplify the Healthcare Payment Experience for Members

The Premium Payments solution is a convenient, secure way for members to manage and pay their premiums directly from your member portal. Transform the healthcare payments experience for members to differentiate your offering and improve member relations.

Claims Settlement

Deliver Every Payment Electronically

The InstaMed Claims Settlement solution processes billions of dollars for payers that want to pay their healthcare providers electronically. It eliminates print and mail costs by managing every provider payment and member communication, all in one place. InstaMed manages every step of the implementation process so your transition to ERA/EFT is quick and easy, and offers full-service operational support and financial monitoring. Claims Settlement comes with a free portal so your providers can easily manage every claim and payment detail.

Transaction Gateway

Simplify Every Clearinghouse Transaction

The Transaction Gateway solution connects you to every provider in your network to reduce the costs of clearinghouse transactions, including real-time and batch eligibility, claims, claim status and remittances, all in one place. InstaMed’s robust EDI platform enables you to deliver cost-effective, high quality clearinghouse services, supports a wide variety of submission formats and models, and delivers a convenient and flexible provider user interface.