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Everything to Get You Paid.

With InstaMed, providers simplify every step of the healthcare payments process all in one place, allowing them to collect more patient payments, get paid faster and reduce the time and costs to collect. Read below about how you can simplify your entire healthcare payments process – from eligibility, to claims, to patient billing, to reconciliation and money in your bank – all using one system, so it’s easy to use and simple to train your staff.

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Access Every Eligibility Detail, Easily

Verifying every patient’s eligibility is critical to submitting clean claims and getting paid faster by payers and patients. Check eligibility days before patient visits, during visits and prior to claim submission. Connect to our eligibility network of over 800 payers and view easy-to-read, detailed eligibility information.

Patented Estimator with Real-Time Pricing Intelligence

Easier than Ever to Estimate Payments and Collect More

With our patented Estimator solution, it’s easier than ever to estimate payment amounts, securely store payment information and automatically collect payments owed. Automatically improve fee schedules with Real-Time Pricing Intelligence to save time loading fee schedules. The InstaMed Estimator enables you to quickly offer an estimate of the patient’s responsibility, collect more money and get paid faster.

Patient Payments

Collect at Every Patient Interaction Point

The Patient Payments solution enables you to accept all payment types during the patient visit or by phone/mail and email receipts to the patients, using your existing system and across multiple locations. Payments automatically post to your practice management system for quick and easy reconciliation, simplifying the entire patient payments process from end to end.

InstaMed Auto Payment CollectTM now available! Automatically collect patient payments and automatically suppress statement printing to reduce your time and costs to send statements and collect.

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Member Payments

Get Paid Faster and Easier

Collect patient payments without sending a statement to accelerate your cash flow and reduce the time and costs to collect.

Member Payments – Allow patients to pay you from their health plan website using eCheck, directly deposited into your existing bank account at no cost to you.

Member Payments Plus – To give your patients even more payment options, allow patients to pay you from their health plan website using eCheck or credit/debit/HSA cards.

Payment Plans

Automate Payment Plans for Payment Assurance

Payment Plans are free with any payment solution, allowing you to securely save patient payment cards on file to ensure timely payments without calling patients over the phone and processing payments every month. InstaMed Payment Plans enable you to automate upcoming payment notifications to patients to improve communication.

Batch eCheck

Eliminate Every Hassle of Paper Checks

Simplify every step of the check payment process with InstaMed Batch eCheck. Process checks easily without the hassles of spreadsheets and deposit slips by quickly scanning checks and automatically posting payments for easy reconciliation. With real-time reporting and stored check images, you can quickly access every payment detail you need.

Patient Billing

Deliver Every Patient Statement Easily

InstaMed reduces the time and costs to collect easy-to-read statements, leveraging the HFMA Patient Friendly Billing Standards. Our statements display your personalized Patient Portal URL, allowing your patients to pay online when they receive statements, as well as opt for eStatements, to get you paid faster.

InstaMed Auto Payment CollectTM now available! Automatically collect patient payments and automatically suppress statement printing to reduce your time and costs to send statements and collect.

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Patient Portal

Collect More with Online Payments

With the Patient Portal, patients can quickly pay you online as soon as they receive their statements and optionally store their information for easier future payments. Our robust, configurable portal enables you to manage all patient payment activity in real-time, including patient demographic information, eStatements, payment plans, payment history and more.

Bank Bill Payments

Connect to More Patients to Collect More

Bank Bill Payments enables patients to pay you through their existing bank bill pay portal – as they already pay other household bills. Connect to patients through bank websites across more than 4,000 banks, reaching 80% of U.S. consumers. Increase payments and reduce bad debt by accepting this convenient patient payment method.

Did you know? More than one-third of patients who make online payments do so through their bank’s website!


Every Claim Paid Faster

Simplify claims management to submit cleaner claims and receive every payer and patient payment faster. Identify issues up front with pre-submission edits for fewer rejections and detect and manage rejections in real-time to reduce time spent on resubmission.

Claim Status: Monitor submitted claims with solicited claim status responses in real-time and batch.


Track Every Remittance Easily

Reduce costs associated with paper remittances with InstaMed’s Remittance solution. Our ERAs enable you to easily post payments and efficiently resubmit denials, with summary reports that simplify reconciliation.

Payer Payments

Every ERA/EFT, Free

Receive free ERA/EFT to collect payments faster and save time and money by eliminating paper checks and EOPs. Access a secure portal to view/print remittance and transaction details 24/7 to simplify your processes.

Integrated ERA/EFT®: Receive every electronic payment detail you need, including the trace number linking the ERA and EFT, for automated reconciliation.