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Noah Dermer
Chief Security Officer
I joined the Security and Compliance team at InstaMed in 2015. Previously, I was the Chief Security Officer at Epic Systems, where one of my responsibilities was building security into Epic’s enterprise applications. As Security Officer at InstaMed, my goal is to support our security and compliance mission as well as inform and educate the industry and our users about compliance and security in healthcare payments.
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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to reach out to my fellow healthcare payment security leaders to find out what they are most thankful for this year. Here’s what they had to say.

Jon Sternstein, Principal, Stern Security

I’m thankful to see improvements in areas of security. For example, healthcare breaches due to physical theft have been on a continuous decline and this success can be attributed to awareness and wide-spread use of encryption. We need to use this example as proof that all is not lost when it comes to security and organizations can improve their security posture. Now, we have a long way to go as breaches overall are still increasing but we know these battles can be won. The increasing focus on privacy is also something we can be thankful for. I’m also thankful for the security research that has been performed and made available to the public as it helps everyone.  

Gary E. Barnett, CEO, Semafone

I’m thankful for solutions that allow me to make a secure payment quickly, over the phone. Particularly, when it seems like every other day there are reports of yet another company suffering from a data breach. It’s so reassuring to know that my payment information is safe. I don’t have to read my card numbers aloud, so they can be copied down or overheard, and instead I remain in control and keep them safe by entering them into my phone keypad. It’s easy, convenient and secure and I’m able to stay on the line with the customer service representative so they can help me out at any time.

Brendan Crotty, VP of Product Management, InstaMed

I’m very thankful that an excellent healthcare payment experience bridges the ever-widening gap between security and convenience. When it comes to healthcare bills, consumers are often stuck with balances they can’t afford but are being asked to pay through unsecure, inconvenient channels. InstaMed’s Patient Billing with Personalized Engagement solution leverages machine learning from our platform as well as third-party consumer marketing data to deliver a convenient, positive and personalized healthcare bill payment experience for consumers. Our solution also leverages InstaMed’s PCI Level One Payment solution, ensuring all payments are secure.

Noah Dermer, Chief Security Officer, InstaMed

I am very thankful for the emergence of Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and contactless EMV. With Apple Pay and Google Pay, consumers can use their mobile devices to make payments instead of reaching for their credit card. These payment options allow consumers to easily save their payment cards to a secure digital wallet and quickly make payments. Plus, contactless payments use EMV technology have been proven to protect against card-present fraud. I’m looking forward to 2020 when Mastercard and Visa will require that all U.S. merchants can accept contactless payments.

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