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Calendar-year deductibles reset on January 1. Are you prepared to collect the influx of patient payments? Get ready with our webinar series and learn how to collect patient payments efficiently and securely and deliver a great consumer experience.

Health plan deductibles are on the rise.

A deductible is an amount a consumer must pay out-of-pocket before their health plan starts to share in the cost of covered services. Deductible amounts and the number of consumers with deductibles have grown considerably over the last decade. The average deducible for an individual with employer-sponsored insurance in 2020 was $1,644, up from $917 a decade ago.

What happens when deductibles reset?

Consumers make progress toward their deductible throughout the year by paying for healthcare expenses out-of-pocket. Depending on their healthcare utilization, some consumers will meet their deductible before the year is out and their health plan coverage will kick in. This can shift how healthcare providers collect patient payments, as they will be receiving more revenue directly from health plans instead of patients.

However, at the start of a new coverage year, deductibles reset. Patients are once again responsible for their healthcare costs and providers will need to collect balances directly from patients.

How can healthcare organizations get ready for deductible resets?

Today’s consumer expects a simple and convenient payment experience. Providers should make the process easy, with options like online payments, text-to-pay, automatic payments and personalized payment plans.

Where should providers start?

Assess your payment processes today and identify gaps or roadblocks that contribute to a less than stellar experience for patients and staff. Then, map out a plan to level up your technology, processes and people to achieve your goals. We’ve created a webinar series to help you do just that. View the webinar descriptions below and register to prepare for deductible resets.

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Build Patient Loyalty With Automated, Personalized and Contact-Free Payments

Your patients want an easy healthcare payments experience. However, what makes an experience easy may not be the same for everyone. Healthcare organizations need to offer payment options that meet a variety of patient needs. From your digital front door to billing and payment, your patient financial experience should deliver patient satisfaction and delight.

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Make the Most of Your Receivables – Simplify Workflows and Overcome Staff Shortages

Thursday, October 28 at 12:00 PM ET

Healthcare payments are complex. As patient payment responsibility increases, healthcare leaders are working to expand payment capabilities to accept more payments from more channels. This can create roadblocks that complicate payment posting and reconciliation. All healthcare organizations can benefit from more efficient revenue cycle management by removing paper, automating posting and reconciliation, simplifying refunds and more.  

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Protecting Patient Payments: What Security and IT Teams Need to Know

Wednesday, November 10 at 3:00 PM ET

Healthcare organizations are prime targets for security breaches because of the amount of valuable data they handle. Many factors have escalated risks to these organizations: new payment channels, increased patient payments, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic that led to remote work and a surge in contactless payments.

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