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InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments P2PE

PCI-Validated P2PE

P2PE (point-to-point encryption) is a methodology for securing credit card data by encrypting it from the time a card is swiped or keyed until it reaches a secure endpoint (InstaMed) where it is decrypted. InstaMed customers that collect card payments with P2PE reduce their PCI compliance programs and leverage the highest levels of security and compliance possible.

Only solutions listed on the PCI SSC website have been audited and approved by the Council as P2PE validated solutions.

Read the full press release here.

healthcare payments P2PE validated

Dayton Children’s Hospital Selects InstaMed, the First and Only P2PE v2.0 Solution for Healthcare

“Safety is our top priority at Dayton Children’s,” said Beth Hunkeler, CIO at Dayton Children’s. “That extends from our front door to the patient room to mom’s or dad’s computer at home. InstaMed’s Healthcare Payments P2PE Validated solution allows us to ensure that our families’ payment information is the safest it can possibly be, while also making the process easy and seamless.”

Read the full press release with Dayton Children’s here.

White Paper: Security and Encryption in Healthcare Payments

White Paper: Security and Encryption in Healthcare Payments, PCI DSS Techincal Assessement, by InstaMed and Coalfire Systems

To achieve PCI P2PE Validation, Coalfire, a PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor Company, tested InstaMed’s P2PE technology in its labs and conducted a full audit of InstaMed’s processes against the strictest PCI standards for encryption.

In support of InstaMed’s P2PE Validation, InstaMed and Coalfire have released a new white paper, “Security and Encryption in Healthcare Payments.”

Download the white paper here.

Webinar: P2PE — What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know

We held a webinar with Noah Dermer from InstaMed and Tim Winston from Coalfire as they discuss how P2PE works and how your organization can benefit from leveraging a PCI-validated P2PE solution.

View the recording.

Desktop computer screen displays the Healthcare Payments P2PE PCI Validated video
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