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July Tips & Tricks

EDI Enrollment

With InstaMed clearinghouse solutions, you may need to complete EDI enrollment in order to receive authorization to submit electronic healthcare transactions to your payers. To complete EDI enrollment:

  1. Obtain Form: Search for payer by clicking Configure > EDI Enrollment > Payer List Search. If a form is required for enrollment, Download will be displayed under the transaction type. Click the word Download to download the form.
  2. Submit Form: Each form includes a cover sheet with instructions on how to complete and submit the form back to InstaMed.
  3. Track Enrollment Status: Click Configure > EDI Enrollment > Enrollment Status.

Change Bank Account

If you need to update the bank account information on your account for Patient Payments deposits and merchant fees, Payer Payments deposits or billing for healthcare and patient billing solutions, you can easily complete this using your InstaMed Online account. Note that you must have the appropriate user rights in order to access this feature.

From your InstaMed Online account, click Configure > Account Info > Manage Bank Account

  1. Select the correct Organization from the dropdown menu
  2. Select the bank account in the table to update
  3. Click Change Bank Account to launch a popup screen to enter updated bank account information

Remittance Mapping

Remittance mapping is used to assign payer payments to a custom group based on the provider identifiers on the payments. For example, you may want to organize your remittances by provider, hospital or group. Remittance mapping can also allow you to restrict individual users to access only remittances for a specific provider or providers.

  1. Set up group names for remittances by clicking Configure > Users And Groups > Groups
  2. Access remittance mapping by clicking Configure > Healthcare > Remittance Mapping
  3. Click Edit to update a remittance mapping or Add New to create a new mapping

Featured Tips & Tricks

Patient Payment Notification Emails

When you use InstaMed to simplify your patient payments, you can receive email notifications to alert you of a payment made online, or exceptions including declined payments and expiring patient credit card.

To update the email address for exception notifications, navigate to Configure > Payment > Receipts.

Payer Payment Notification Emails

When you receive your remittances and payments electronically with InstaMed ERA/EFT, you can receive email notifications to alert you of payer EFT payments when they are deposited to your bank account.

To update the email address for these notifications, navigate to Configure > Account Info > Manage Payer Payments.

Notification Emails/Texts to Your Patients

To help you deliver the easiest payment experience to your patients, we deliver notifications of important billing and payment events according to your patients preferences, via email and/or text. These notifications include the following:

  • Account creation: Confirmation that your patient has created a Patient Portal account
  • Text message enrollment confirmation: Confirmation of enrollment in text messages communications
  • eStatement available: Notification of new statement available to view
  • Receipt: Receipt for payment or refund
  • Payment scheduled: Notification of a payment scheduled for the future
  • Enrollment in payment plan/automatic payments: Confirmation of enrollment in payment plan or future automatic payments
  • Password reset: Confirmation when patient resets Patient Portal password
  • Payment card expiration date approaching: Notification when payment card saved on file will expire soon

Voids and Refunds

Voids and refunds are painless with your InstaMed account. You can easily refund payments back to a patient’s original payment method and access real-time reporting on refunds.

Refunding a payment:

  • Click Payment > Payment History > Quick Search to locate the payment
    From the Receipt, select Refund
  • Note: If the original sale was made on the same day, the Void option will also be available

Reporting on refunds:

  • Refunded payments are available with all of our real-time reporting in Payment > Payment History > Reports

Apply refund controls:

  • Controls are in place to prevent over-refunding
  • You can also control user rights to limit access to the refund function

Payment Device Questions

Start here with some basic troubleshooting tips. Check back for more advanced tips on using payment devices to collect patient payments.

Does the device light up when plugged in?

  • If it does not, try the following steps:
    • Restart your computer
    • Try plugging the device into another computer
    • Try using a different power cord or power source

When you select Swipe, Key or Scan, does the popup image match your device?

  • If it does not, double-check that your settings are correct in Configure > Devices > Configure Devices

Workflow Status

The Workflow Status feature in InstaMed Online allows users to assign easy-to-understand categories to transactions to simplify your day-to-day tasks. For example, here are some common Workflow Statuses you can assign to Remittances.

  • Received: Indicates that the remittance is available to view and download
  • Paid: Indicates that the payment associated with the remittance has been received
  • Posted: Indicates that a user has posted the remittance to your practice management system
  • Under Review: Indicates that a user in your organization is reviewing the remittance

Accessing Your Merchant Statements

Did you know? If you use InstaMed to collect patient payments, you can access your merchant statement directly within InstaMed Online.

Locating your Merchant Statements

  • Navigate to Payment > Payment History > Merchant Statement
  • Select a Date Range and optionally enter a Merchant ID

Understanding your Merchant Statements

  • Each monthly statement gives a summary of transactions and fees, then lists the net deposit for each day in the month.

Navigating the Patient Hub

Our Patient Profile screen give you a snapshot of all healthcare, financial and demographic information related to a patient or guarantor, all on one screen.

Access a patient’s profile

  • Click Patients > Patient Profile and enter the patient or guarantor name, account number or date of birth.
  • Click the correct patient in the dropdown, or click Search to view all results.

Review patient information

  • On the Patient Profile, you can easily view the patient’s balance, contact information, preferences, digital wallet, eligibility and recent activity.

Launch a transaction

  • The Patient Profile makes it easy to complete your workflow. Directly from this screen, you can check eligibility, estimate patient responsibility, collect a payment, set up a payment plan and more.

Managing Communication Preference

Occasionally, we need to communicate important information to you about your InstaMed account, including upcoming enhancements, system maintenance, a summary of your transactions and other general announcements. You can decide how to receive these communications.

View your communication options

  • Click Configure > Users And Groups > Message Preferences
  • On this screen, there is a list of the different communication types. For each communication type, you can select whether to receive the message via email, directly within InstaMed Online, or both.

Understand each communication type

  • General: InstaMed announcements such as upcoming enhancements
  • Payer Status: Notice of a payer’s scheduled maintenance window and other system updates
  • System Status: Notice of InstaMed’s scheduled maintenance window and other system updates
  • Daily Transaction Summary: A summary of your healthcare payment activity for the day
  • Monthly Newsletter: Industry information, healthcare payment best practices, InstaMed tips and more
  • Scorecards: Weekly snapshot of your weekly healthcare payment activity

Password Reset

This is a simple – but key – tip to ensure you always have access to your InstaMed Online account.

Set up security questions

  • Navigate to Configure > Users and Groups > Security Questions, select your questions and enter the answers, enter your email address and click Save.

Forgot your password?

  • No worries. From the InstaMed Online login page, click Forgot your password? and answer the security question.

Know the rules

  • Security is a top priority for us, so we’ve got some strict guidelines for passwords:
    • Eight-character minimum
    • Must contain three character types (i.e., upper case, lower case, numeric, special character)
    • Cannot be the previous four passwords
    • Passwords are case sensitive

Manage Your Users

Did you know? You can create an unlimited number of users across your organization, and assign their access based on roles.

Create user roles

  • Navigate to Configure > Users and Groups > Manage Roles and set up roles based on the functions within your organization.

Assign rights to user roles

  • Once you have created a role, pick and choose which access levels should be allowed for that role.

Assign roles to users

  • Navigate to Configure > Users and Groups > Manage Users to create a new user in your organization and assign a role. Note that you can add additional rights to each user as needed.

Check Eligibility and Collect Payment in One Place!

We allow you to verify a patient’s eligibility, and then immediately collect a co-pay, all in one place.

Check eligibility

  • Real-time and batch eligibility requests deliver easy-to-read eligibility responses, with clear details on coverage and copay owed.


  • Now you know what the patient owes – click collect!


  • Collect co-pays using the patient’s preferred payment method, and even store payment information securely for easy future payments.

Accessing Electronic Remittances

With InstaMed, you can receive your remittances electronically, for free. Here’s how you can access them to easily reconcile your claim payments.

Search for a Remittance from a Payment

  • To reconcile an individual check or EFT payment, search for the remittance: Navigate to Healthcare > Remittance > Payment Quick Search and enter the related payment information

Search for a Remittance from a Claim

  • To view all payment information related to a claim, navigate to Healthcare > Remittance > Paid Claims Quick Search and enter the related claim information

View a Summary of Remittances

  • To view a summary of all remittances within a specific timeframe, navigate to Healthcare > Remittance > Summary and enter the relevant information

Accessing Patient Payment Reports

When you log in to InstaMed Online, you have access to robust, customizable reports in real-time.

Quick Search

  • If you’re looking for a specific payment, navigate to Payment > Payment History > Quick Search and enter the known information to access payment date, status, receipt, payment method and more

End of Day Report

  • To view a summary of the payments made across your organization at the end of the day, navigate to Payment > Payment History > EOD and enter the relevant information

Deposit Summary

  • To reconcile payments deposited into your bank account, navigate to Payment > Payment History > Deposit Summary and enter a date range

Payment Plans

Automated payment plans allow you to give patients convenient payments, without the extra effort to collect.

Set up a Payment Plan

  • From the patient profile, select Pay Over Time and enter the payment information

Set up Payment Plan Policies

  • To set up policies around payment plans, navigate to Configure > Payment > Policies
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