Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

Less than a decade ago, there was no need for provider-patient interaction to extend beyond the patient visit. Today, patients play a critical role in the payments process, and providers must expand their relationship with their patients to include payments. Likewise, patients have a greater interest in their healthcare payments experience and expect the same kind of convenience and simplicity in paying their bills in healthcare as they have in other industries. This healthcare payments process presents new challenges and opportunities to providers to increase patient satisfaction and collect more payments, faster.

Are you engaging your patients in the payment experience? The infographic below highlights the ways providers can leverage technologies to set clear payment expectations upfront and automatically collect patient responsibility to increase patient satisfaction and create a level of payment assurance in healthcare. Follow along and see the opportunities for providers to offer more convenient options and better provider-patient communication for an enhanced payment experience for all.

healthcare patient payment experience infographic

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