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At the InstaMed User Conference 2018, we were pleased to present Steve Wozniak, inventor of the personal computer and co-founder of Apple, as our keynote speaker. Wozniak helped us kick off a full day of educational sessions by sharing his insights on technology, innovation and the impacts and opportunities of living in an always-connected world.

This Silicon Valley icon is known for pioneering the personal computer revolution with his design of Apple’s first line of products, the Apple I and Apple II. Conference attendees had the benefit of hearing his perspectives on the current and future state of technology, as well as learn from stories of his philanthropic work using technology to elevate lives worldwide.

Wozniak’s contributions to technology have transformed the way people access, process, share and store information today. He is a visionary that found a way to make people’s lives better and easier, which is what InstaMed strives for each and every day in the healthcare space. During his presentation, Wozniak revealed his opinion of tech giants like Amazon, Uber and Apple getting into healthcare: big companies aren’t healthcare experts, and true innovation comes from companies who know and understand healthcare.

“We have the opportunity to create great products that can make people’s lives better. I see the healthcare industry finding new ways to leverage technology to improve the consumer experience and am impressed by InstaMed’s steadfast focus on innovating around healthcare payments, a historically confusing and painful aspect of the healthcare experience.” – Steve Wozniak.

Watch our recap video of his keynote presentation below then don’t forget to register for this year’s conference, now known as the InstaMed Healthcare Payments Summit 2019.  This year’s conference includes Robert Herjavec, Founder & CEO Herjavec Group and star of ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit Shark Tank, and David Horsager, national bestselling author and prominent public speaker, as our keynote speakers.

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