Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

Many healthcare practices use technology to simplify manual and time-intensive processes for patient health records administrative tasks. The same technology can also streamline the payment experience. 

Payment integration within your existing systems can improve revenue cycles by simplifying payment posting and reconciliation and reducing the likelihood of errors or delays. This can increase the speed and efficiency of payment processing and help lower associated administrative costs.

Additionally, payment integration enables a more convenient and secure patient payment experience, which can increase consumer trust and loyalty.

Connecting payment technology to EHR/EMR/PM systems can help healthcare organizations improve their cash flow and overall financial performance. However, if integration isn’t flowing end-to-end, there may be gaps that lead to inefficiencies.

How well is payment integration working for your revenue cycle? View our infographic to assess your journey. Answer a few questions and follow the path to find out if you’re an Integration Expert or a No-Connection Novice.