Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

According to the Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report, 73% of consumers prefer to pay medical bills online. Healthcare providers are adapting to this growing consumer demand by rethinking how they connect with patients for collections. Ultimately, providers can make it easier for patients to pay with online payments, while collecting more money and reducing manual staff workflows.

With online payments, practices and patients see the benefits of:

  • Convenience: Patients can make payments anytime, anywhere, from their own devices – no need to write checks or stop by your office.
  • Security: Electronic delivery of payments protects your patients’ information from being stolen or delivered to the wrong address.
  • Efficiency: Without manual payment processing, your staff can redirect their time and focus on the patient experience.
  • Transparency: Patients have access to their transaction history within the online payment portal, ensuring transparency and easy record-keeping for both parties.

Once you’re set up to support online payments, it’s important to let patients know they have the option to pay through your portal. Promote online payments through your patient portal with our in-office signage. Prominently display these signs throughout your office to let patients know that they can take advantage of a convenient way to pay!