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How to prepare for introducing new payment technology

Today, healthcare administrative staff face an increasing burden to successfully collect and process patient payments. Using technology can help you address this challenge by simplifying staff workflows while making it easier for consumers to pay their bills.

Enabling the right technology may require implementing new tools and systems. While this can seem daunting, adding new technology to your existing payment workflows does not have to be a time-intensive task. By knowing the answers to specific key questions, you’ll be better prepared to lead productive conversations about introducing new technology.

Having a plan that lays out a clear roadmap for the various steps from start to finish can help you avoid unexpected pitfalls that can slow things down along the way.

Take the first step to improve your payments process

You may be unsure if you have the time and resources to upgrade your payments process.

Use this checklist to help craft a plan to incorporate new digital tools that improve the payment experience for staff and patients alike while boosting your bottom line.

This interactive checklist will lay out considerations as you prepare to:

  • Define the scope of work
  • Determine resource allocation
  • Consider payment devices
  • Secure digital workflows