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Personalization plays an essential role in the consumer experience today. Currently, many brands use various technologies to collect consumer data and then use that information to deliver experiences to meet individual needs and preferences. As a result, consumers have come to expect a personal touch from the companies they buy from. In fact, 70% of consumers say they will shop exclusively with brands that personally understand them.1

Healthcare is personal by nature. Providers deliver care designed to address a patient’s specific symptoms and prognosis. However, the healthcare payments experience historically lacks this same kind of personal attention. Despite the emergence of digital technologies that enable a more customized patient payment experience, the healthcare industry still relies heavily on paper and manual processes that are generic and impersonal.

By using modern digital technology, providers have an opportunity to create personalized payment experiences tailored to each patient’s particular needs and preferences. Doing so helps healthcare providers drive higher patient financial engagement, loyalty and trust while also increasing revenue.

View the infographic to learn how to deliver a personalized patient payment experience based on specific types of consumer preferences and behaviors.

1 Redpoint Global, 70 Percent of Consumers say They Will Exclusively Shop with Brands that Personally Understand Them this Holiday Season