Avail Dermatology is a dermatology practice with 11 providers in three locations outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
"We picked Modernizing Medicine as our EMR vendor but didn’t want to sacrifice payment integration as a result – that’s why we’re so grateful for the integration and automation that InstaMed gives us. At Avail Dermatology, we’re able to work smarter not harder though InstaMed’s integration with Modernizing Medicine. Plus, we’re able to collect through channels that do not require staff intervention, including with the InstaMed Healthcare Bill Payments solution."
Amanda Jackson-Fowler Director of Revenue Management Avail Dermatology

Avail Dermatology selected Modernizing Medicine as its new practice management system, but didn’t have automated integrated payment processes in place to support the new system.


Avail Dermatology now relies on InstaMed for integrated payments with Modernizing Medicine to streamline collection efforts with new convenient payment channels and automated payment processes.

Increase in online payments
Increase in collections
Payments collected without staff intervention

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