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BrightSpring Health Services (BrightSpring) is one of the largest diversified home and community-based health services providers in the country, serving 350,000 people in 50 states every day.
"With InstaMed, we saw a significant decline in paper overall, faster payments and reduced costs to collect. We also were able to increase online adoption with the consumer-tested statement design from InstaMed, which completely eliminates the payment coupon and return envelope. We deliver 31% of our patient billing statements electronically."
Laurie Babin Chief Revenue Officer BrightSpring Health Services

BrightSpring was spending more resources than desired to connect with guarantors for payments with slow, costly paper statements, while collections increased risks to payment information.


BrightSpring streamlined payments with InstaMed to give patients an online payment portal with a digital wallet, automated payments, eStatements and more – resulting in reduced costs and increased payments.

improvement in days in A/R
cost savings for statements
payments are now streamlined
statements are sent electronically
increase in online payment volume in one year

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