Do you want to pay a healthcare bill online? Make a payment now

Canopy Partners is a management service organization in Greensboro, North Carolina, that offers billing, IT and other administrative services to imaging groups.
"InstaMed is more than just a payment processor – it has enabled us to manage the entire patient payments process for patients that choose to not mail in payments, all in one place"
Gina Oates, Project Administrator Canopy Partners
With the increase in consumer directed healthcare, patient payments are becoming a more important part of healthcare provider revenue. In order to collect more from patients, Canopy Partners tried to apply new collection processes; however, these processes were very manual and time-consuming, resulting in an administrative burden for its staff and its clients.
InstaMed delivered Canopy Partners a healthcare-specific payments solution to automate the processes to check eligibility, estimate patient responsibility, offer patient-friendly payment options, and collect, post and reconcile patient payments, all in one place. As a result, Canopy Partners reduced its administrative time and costs to collect patient payments and improved patient engagement.
Reduction in administrative time to process payments