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Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) is a non-profit, member-owned health plan delivering high-quality healthcare services to over 80,000 members in Dane County, Wisconsin.
"A big win for Group Health has been at our check-in desks. InstaMed reduced each credit card transaction by 20-40 seconds at that point of service. This adds up to significant time savings over the day – we estimate about 250 hours a year. Plus, each transaction automatically posts, which eliminates a huge chunk of end-of-day processes as we don’t have to reconcile with paper receipts anymore. It just all happens behind the scenes because of InstaMed’s integration with Epic."
John Argentiero Enterprise Solutions Architect

GHC-SCW relied on multiple vendors with various sub-accounts for all its payment collections, creating extreme delays in processing times, account reconciliation and issue resolution.


Now for GHC-SCW, everything payment related is faster with InstaMed, one partner for the IDN’s healthcare payments including patient responsibility and health plan premiums.

decrease in reconciliation time
hours saved in staff time to collect
increase in overall payment transactions
increase in online payment transactions
increase in online premium payment transactions

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