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Holly Springs Pediatrics is two-doctor pediatrics practice located in Holly Springs, North Carolina.
"We’ve significantly reduced our claim denials and saved 60 hours of administrative work per week! And with an accurate and efficient process to print and mail patient statements we’re receiving patient payments 2-3 times faster."
Judy Downing, Billing Manager, Holly Springs Pediatrics
Holly Springs Pediatrics was processing claims and billing patients inefficiently, leading to inaccurate claims, rising operational costs and increased days in A/R.
With InstaMed’s Eligibility, Claims and Patient Billing solutions, Holly Springs streamlined its workflow to improve accuracy and efficiency and to collect payments faster. InstaMed’s Eligibility solution enables the practice to check a patient’s eligibility benefits in seconds, while the patient is in the office. As a result, the practice creates more accurate claims and has significantly reduced its claim denials.
Reduction in manual processes and administrative work per week
Receives patient payments two to three times faster
Increased their patients’ satisfaction with the billing process