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The Asthma Center offers allergy, asthma, immunology and sinus care at locations throughout the Delaware Valley, metropolitan Philadelphia and South Jersey through the latest treatment strategies and diagnostic tools.
"We were printing about a thousand statements a week, which took four reps a full eight-hour day. That was not how we wanted our billing team to spend their time. We've found the efficiency we were looking for with InstaMed. Before InstaMed, our online activity was next to nothing. Presently, within a day of posting balances, we start seeing payments come in."
Shai Gardellis Director of Billing Operations The Asthma Center

The entire billing team at the Asthma Center would manually print and send patient statements once a week, which was slow and expensive. Meanwhile, recurring balances often went unpaid.


The new billing director selected  InstaMed to speed up patient collections, eliminate the burden of paper statements, promote digital payment processes and automate payments whenever possible.

patient payments made online
increase in patient portal transacations
increase in electronic payments
faster payment collection rate

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