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Background of Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rockford Memorial Hospital is a 396-licensed bed healthcare facility in Rockford, Illinois. Since its opening in 1885, the hospital has been dedicated to delivering superior care every day, to every patient.

“Our patients are so happy with InstaMed payments in MyChart that they have told me that they are excited to visit the website and have everything in one place.”

– Jim Dove, Healthcare Application Analyst, Rockford Memorial Hospital



Like many other healthcare providers, Rockford Memorial Hospital is seeing a dramatic increase in payment responsibility among their patients due to an increase in high-deductible health plan enrollment.

Originally, to meet this growing need, Rockford worked with an outside payment vendor to enable patients to pay their responsibility online following their visit. However, with this vendor, Rockford faced three recurring challenges:

1. Lack of Integration with MyChart by Epic
Rockford Memorial Hospital leverages Epic software as their system for electronic health records including MyChart, which enables patients to access online test results, manage appointments and communicate directly with doctors from the Rockford website. However, patients were not able to make payments from MyChart and therefore, had to access a separate webpage to make online payments.

“Having two places for patient information was difficult for them to manage and understand exactly where to go to make payments. Also, managing two systems on the back-end was inefficient for our staff, as they had to frequently switch between two screens,” said Jim Dove, Healthcare Application Analyst, Rockford Memorial Hospital.

2. Security and Compliance Concerns
Rockford had significant concerns about their ability to meet compliance requirements with their previous payments vendor, specifically the need to comply with updates to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Additionally, as large-scale data breaches become more common, their ability to effectively manage data security was a growing priority.

“We were concerned about the PCI compliance and our ability to meet the version 3.0 requirements. We refused to compromise our ability to assure patients that we meet the highest levels of industry compliance and offer the most secure experience for all of their information – especially their payment information,” said Jim Dove.

3. Patient Portal Adoption of Online Payments Declined by 20%
Since introducing online payments at Rockford, patients were not adopting this new feature as expected. In one summer alone, online payments made by patients decreased by approximately 20%. This sharp decline was due to a lack of usability for patients and limited choices for payment methods.

“The decline in online payments was a clear indicator to us that patients were not satisfied with the previous online payments system. From our mission statement to everyone’s daily work, patient satisfaction is a top priority at Rockford and we knew we had to change vendors to deliver patients with the best possible experience,” said Jim Dove.


Rockford decided to make a change and chose to partner with InstaMed to integrate online payments with their existing MyChart website. This enabled Rockford to ensure secure and compliant payments, and enhance the patient experience with one place for online payments.

1. Seamless Integration with MyChart by Epic
Rockford leveraged an embedded iFrame to display the InstaMed Patient Portal within the MyChart website, styled to align with Rockford’s MyChart layout. This creates a seamless experience for patients to make payments from a place they already know and trust.

Additionally, all payments made by patients in MyChart automatically post in Rockford’s Epic system without any staff time or effort to process those payments.

“Enabling payments within MyChart has allowed us to offer a better experience for patients and really reduce our workload. The decision to switch our existing credit card framework was really a no-brainer when we considered how much patients and staff would benefit,” said Jim Dove.

2. The Highest Levels of Security and Compliance, Made Simple
The embedded iFrame integration functionality allowed Rockford to limit their servers from payment transactions, significantly reducing their PCI scope. Additionally, InstaMed is compliant, independently certified and audited at the highest standards for both healthcare and financial payment processing, which means online payments at Rockford are the most secure and compliant in the industry.

“Not having to worry about the burden of PCI standards, including the version 3.0+ update, was a huge relief. With InstaMed, we eliminated the constant fear of a data breach that so many healthcare organizations now endure. We proudly tell our patients that we work with InstaMed to ensure that they can trust online payments made to Rockford are safe and compliant,” said Jim Dove.

3. Adoption Increases by 143% in the First Four Months
After integrating InstaMed payments in MyChart, Rockford was able to offer patients an enhanced online payment experience with more payment methods, including eCheck and the ability to easily pay from a mobile device. In the first four months, patients making payments to Rockford increased by 143% in MyChart.

“Since integrating InstaMed payments in MyChart, we are seeing daily growth in the traffic to MyChart and significant increases in online payments. I believe this success is due to how easy it is for patients to use and how accessible it is from any device, including a smartphone or tablet. Patients have actually told me that they were excited to make online payments in MyChart,” said Jim Dove.

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