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For the healthcare industry, the risk of potential cyberattacks cannot be understated. There are an abundant number of data points that put this risk in perspective. For example, HHS noted over a period of four years a 239% increase in large breaches involving hacking and a 278% increase in ransomware attacks1. Overall, more healthcare organizations are experiencing many more expensive attacks.

Even as the ongoing threats have been on a troubling climb over recent years, trends show that few healthcare leaders are prioritizing the challenge. Now more than ever, a focused approach is needed to identify relevant security threats and take ongoing protective measures for an organization’s data and systems.

Download this eBook which aims to help healthcare leaders understand the constant threat of cyberattacks to their organizations. Additionally, the eBook identifies the top risks that need immediate attention, including:

  • The misconception of a compliant system is a secure system
  • How the biggest cyber threat is a people problem
  • The lure of phishing and constant threat of malicious links and files
  • How devastating ransomware can be to healthcare

1 HHS, HHS’ Office for Civil Rights Settles Ransomware Cyber-Attack Investigation, October 2023