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The wealth of data involved in healthcare transactions and interactions make the industry a prime target for cyberthreats. Increasing use of new technologies and digital experiences, which accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, create more opportunities for hackers to exploit. The same technologies that can help streamline workflows, facilitate virtual care and answer the consumer demand for simple and convenient digital payments can increase potential vulnerabilities for cyberattacks.

Data breaches can result in monetary, reputational and operational damages. For small practices, these attacks can be particularly debilitating. Protection against these incidents is essential to your healthcare organization’s livelihood.

Find out how to incorporate security best practices into your office’s day-to-day activities. Download this eBook to empower your staff with information to help protect your organization and its patients.

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  • Security tips for office and remote work environments
  • The importance of data governance in healthcare
  • Protecting a practice’s physical workspace and front desk area
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