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With many healthcare organizations facing serious staffing shortages, the need to close gaps in efficiency and productivity becomes more important than ever. In the area of administration, this includes finding ways to streamline patient registration, payment posting and reconciliation, and billing.

Paper and manual processes that have plagued the industry for decades are simply not sustainable. These costly and labor-intensive measures only serve to widen efficiency gaps as organizations struggle to hire and keep staff to perform operations like process mailed payments, collect patient details at check-in, submit medical claims or post and reconcile payment information.

To help address staffing shortages, healthcare organizations can use technology to eliminate paper and manual steps to improve efficiencies across their revenue cycle. In this eBook, you will discover opportunities to activate digital interactions that enable you to:

  • Make a big impact by driving eStatement adoption with patients pre-service
  • Automate patient communications, such as appointment reminders and payment notifications
  • Accept more payment channels to increase patient payment options
  • Leverage integration to automate posting and reconciliation and streamline staff workflows

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