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In the healthcare industry, there has been a movement towards self-funded health plans in recent decades. This trend has been led by larger employers as a way to help manage costs. Increasing healthcare costs have played a significant role in how self-funded health plans have grown by offering a level of flexibility and control for employers.

However, self-funded plans can have a downside for employers with a considerable administrative burden. Managing ASO claims and payments is often dependent on manual, staff-dependent work such as populating spreadsheets and one-off communications. Data shows that this administrative burden keeps more finance leadership from leveraging self-funded plans.

To realize the potential of the self-funded plans, payers must first understand the trends and broader dynamics of this segment. With this eBook, payers will get deeper insight into:

  • How healthcare costs weigh on employers
  • The dynamics of health benefits and the workforce
  • How self-funded plans can help manage costs
  • The true costs of managing self-funded pans

Download this eBook to get the full scope of self-funded plans, including the promises, costs and risks for payers and employers.